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A breathing circuit with a “coaxial” design is a specialized tubing system used in various medical applications, such as anaesthesia and critical care ventilation.

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Coaxial breathing circuit
Standard connectors (15mm, 22mm)
Inside gas sampling line. Very high quality.
The tube colour can be customized.

A breathing circuit with a “coaxial” design is a specialized tubing system used in various medical applications, such as anaesthesia and critical care ventilation. Here’s a brief description of a coaxial breathing circuit:

  1. Tubing Design: A coaxial breathing circuit is characterized by its concentric or layered tubing arrangement. It consists of an inner tube (inner limb) surrounded by an outer tube (outer limb), creating a coaxial configuration.

  2. Functionality: The primary purpose of a coaxial breathing circuit is to deliver gases, including oxygen and anaesthetic agents, to the patient’s airway and remove exhaled gases efficiently. The inner tube delivers fresh gases to the patient, while the outer tube carries away exhaled gases.

  3. Minimal Dead Space: Coaxial circuits are designed to minimize dead space, which is the portion of the circuit where gases can accumulate without contributing to the patient’s ventilation. This reduces the risk of rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide and enhances gas exchange efficiency.

  4. Compact Design: The coaxial arrangement optimizes space utilization, making these circuits more compact than traditional corrugated circuits. This can be advantageous in crowded operating rooms and critical care environments.

  5. Preservation of Heat and Moisture: Coaxial circuits are designed to conserve heat and moisture in the gases delivered to the patient, helping prevent airway drying and maintaining optimal conditions for respiratory function.

  6. Safety Features: Like other breathing circuits, coaxial circuits include safety features, such as unidirectional valves, to ensure that gases flow in the correct direction and prevent contamination.

  7. Disposable and Reusable: Coaxial breathing circuits are available in both disposable and reusable versions, providing flexibility in adherence to infection control practices and cost management.

Coaxial breathing circuits are well-suited for their efficient dead space management, heat and moisture preservation, and compact design, making them a preferred choice in various medical scenarios, including anaesthesia and critical care ventilation. The specific features and configurations of these circuits may vary depending on the manufacturer and clinical requirements.


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