Medical IV Burette Set

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Model Number: NH-99976

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Special spike for smooth and easy insertion.
White background on the buret chamber for easy and near accurate reading of volume actual usage.
Flexible, transparent & soft cylindrical buret chamber.
Plastic spike with air-vent, medium size ABS flow regulator, PVC tubing of 20cm, burette with air-vent and injection port, stopper,
drip chamber with filter, medium-size ABS flow regulator, Y-connector, PVC tubing of 1.5 meter, luer lock connector, hypodermic needle.


A burette set, in a medical context, typically refers to an infusion administration set with a burette. This set is used in healthcare settings for the precise measurement and administration of intravenous (IV) fluids or medications to patients. The burette is a graduated chamber that allows healthcare professionals to accurately control the volume of fluid or medication infused into the patient’s bloodstream.

Key components of a burette set include:

Burette: The burette is a transparent chamber with graduated markings, usually in millilitres (ml), allowing for precise measurement of the volume of liquid being infused. It is typically attached to the main IV tubing and can be calibrated to specific infusion rates.

IV Tubing: The IV tubing is a flexible tube that connects the burette to the patient’s IV access point (e.g., intravenous catheter or cannula). The tubing is designed to allow for the controlled flow of fluids from the burette to the patient.

Roller Clamp: A roller clamp is a device on the IV tubing that can be adjusted to regulate the flow of fluid. By adjusting the roller clamp, healthcare providers can control the rate at which the fluid is administered to the patient.

Drip Chamber: The drip chamber is a small, transparent chamber located between the burette and the roller clamp. It allows healthcare professionals to visually monitor the flow of fluid, ensuring that there are no air bubbles and that the fluid is flowing smoothly.

Needle or Catheter: The needle or catheter at the end of the IV tubing is inserted into the patient’s vein to deliver the fluids directly into the bloodstream.

Burette sets are commonly used in healthcare settings where precise fluid management is crucial, such as in critical care units, paediatric care, or when administering medications that require accurate dosing. The graduated markings on the burette allow healthcare providers to monitor and adjust the infusion rate as needed.

It’s important for healthcare professionals to follow established protocols and guidelines when using burette sets to ensure accurate administration and prevent complications associated with intravenous therapy. Regular monitoring of the patient and the infusion site is essential during IV therapy to detect any signs of adverse reactions or complications.


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