Canine Progesterone Analyzer & test kits

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Model Number: NH-39765
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Canine progesterone analyzer using fluorescent immunoassay to detect canine progesterone, accurately determine whether to ovulate, and master the time that the bitch is suitable for breeding.
The operation is simple, only serum test is needed, and the result is within 15 minutes, and the accuracy is over 98%.

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The Canine Progesterone Analyzer with Test Kits/Strips offers several healthcare benefits in veterinary practice:

  1. Fertility Optimization: Enables precise measurement of progesterone levels in female dogs, crucial for determining optimal breeding times and enhancing reproductive success.

  2. Accurate Timing of Breeding: Facilitates the identification of the fertile window, allowing veterinarians to schedule insemination procedures at the most opportune times to maximize conception rates.

  3. Reproductive Management: Helps diagnose fertility issues and monitor reproductive cycles in breeding dogs, allowing for tailored treatment plans to address underlying reproductive disorders and improve breeding outcomes.

  4. On-Site Testing: Provides rapid progesterone testing results on-site, eliminating the need for sending samples to external laboratories and reducing turnaround time for breeding management decisions.

  5. Cost Efficiency: Minimizes costs associated with external laboratory testing and veterinary consultations by offering an in-house progesterone testing solution.

  6. Ease of Use: User-friendly test kits/strips and analyzer interface simplify progesterone testing procedures, making it accessible for veterinary staff with varying levels of experience.

  7. Data Management: Enables efficient record-keeping of progesterone levels over time, allowing for trend analysis and informed decision-making regarding breeding management strategies.

Overall, the Canine Progesterone Analyzer with Test Kits/Strips enhances reproductive management in breeding dogs, leading to improved fertility outcomes, streamlined processes, and enhanced breeding efficiency in veterinary practice.


Technical data

Power supply
Operating ambient
Temperature: 5℃-40℃ ; Humidity: 10-70
Memory capacity
5000 results
Test channel
Single channel
Test time


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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