CE Approved Medical Equipment Jaundice Phototherapy Lamps For Neonatal

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-22190


By emitting light almost entirely within the 400 to 470 nm bandwidth these Medical Therapy Jaundice lamps have no radiation from the short wave UVB waveband. They are therefore ideal for treating new born babies suffering from hyperbilirubinemia (neonatal jaundice) and Crigler-Najjar Syndrome (CNS). Moreover, the bandwidth of these lamps peak at the most effective treatment wavelength of 450 nm. This highly efficacious phototherapy treatment has eliminated the need for blood transfusions in almost all jaundiced infants.


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Warranty: 2 years, 24-Month
After-sales Service Provided: Online support
Certification: FCC CE
Feature: Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Tightening, Pigment Removal, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, Physiologic Jaundice
Application: For Home Use, Indoor Baby Jaundice Therapy
Type: PDT
Lamp Head: E27
LED QTY: 12pcs
Lamp Power: 24W
Wavelength: All 450nm
Beam angle: 30 degree
Net Weigh: 0.26KG
Product Dimension: D120*140 mm

What Is Jaundice?

  • Jaundice shows up in babies as a yellowish tinge to the skin and eyes.
  • Neonatal Jaundice is very common in newborn babies – about six out of 10 newborns have jaundice to varying degrees.
  • Jaundice is caused by an excess of a chemical called bilirubin.
  • Most jaundice is ‘physiological jaundice.
  • Physiological jaundice will resolve by itself once the baby’s liver is functioning at full speed.
  • In babies where jaundice levels are very high in the days after birth, treatment using blue lights (phototherapy) may be required.
  • Other less common causes of jaundice include blood group differences between mother and baby, haemolytic anaemia, hepatitis and galactosaemia.

Treatment for common conditions that cause jaundice may include:

  • physiological jaundice – often no treatment required, occasionally phototherapy is needed
  • breastmilk jaundice – breastfeeding should be continued. Phototherapy is occasionally required in the first few days and typically no treatment is required after that
  • blood group differences – the antibodies made by the mother can remain active in the baby’s system for a few weeks. A longer course of phototherapy is sometimes required.

Treatments for rare conditions that cause jaundice may include:

  • haemolytic anaemia – treatment depends on the cause. For example, the treatment for haemolytic anaemia caused by malaria infection includes anti-malarial medications
  • neonatal hepatitis – there is no specific medical treatment. Options may include vitamin and mineral supplements, or medication to improve the flow of bilirubin through the bile ducts
  • galactosaemia – the principal treatment is to make sure the baby’s diet contains no galactose or lactose (another milk sugar). Typically, this means stopping breastfeeding and using special formulas
  • biliary atresia – treatment involves surgery to connect a section of the liver to the gut (small intestine) to allow the bilirubin and other products to drain effectively.



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