Cell Roller Bottle- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-79163

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Roller bottle is applied to large-scale industrial production of cell and tissue.
USP Class VI polystyrene material.
Culture area: 490 cm2 and 850 cm2 (1000ml, 2000ml)
Suspension culture and adherent culture for choices.
Rnase-free, Dnase-free, Non-pyrogenic,non-toxic.
Sterilized by gamma irradiation 
Individual PE bag pack.


A cell roller bottle is a specialized laboratory vessel designed for the cultivation and growth of adherent cells. It consists of a cylindrical bottle with a horizontal axis and a rotating mechanism, allowing for the continuous and gentle rolling of the attached cells. The inner surface of the bottle is often coated with a substrate that promotes cell adhesion, facilitating the growth of cells in a monolayer.

Key features of cell roller bottles include:

Adherent Cell Culture: These bottles are particularly suitable for the culture of adherent cells, which require a surface for attachment to proliferate and grow.

Rotating Mechanism: The rotating mechanism, often motorized, enables a slow and consistent rolling motion of the cells along the inner surface of the bottle. This provides a dynamic environment that mimics physiological conditions.

Cell Harvesting: The design of cell roller bottles allows for convenient cell harvesting by pouring off the culture medium, providing access to the attached cells for further analysis or processing.

Large Surface Area: Cell roller bottles typically have a large surface area, allowing for the cultivation of a significant number of cells in a single vessel.

Biological Research: These bottles are widely used in biological research, including cell biology, virology, and vaccine production, among other applications.

Cell Expansion: Cell roller bottles are suitable for the expansion of cells, enabling researchers to scale up cell cultures for experiments or production purposes.

Sterile and Disposable Options: Some cell roller bottles are available in sterile, disposable formats, reducing the risk of contamination and simplifying the workflow in certain applications.

Cell roller bottles play a crucial role in providing a controlled and conducive environment for the growth of adherent cells, supporting various aspects of cell culture research and biotechnology applications.


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