Cell Scrapers & Lifters

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Model Number: NH-08522

Brand: Niche Healthcare 


Features & Benefits:

Cell Scrapers

  • Made of polyethylene
  • Available in two sizes: 18cm or 25cm in length
  • Pivoting blade makes precise cutting and scraping movements
  • Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic

Cell Lifters

  • Made of polyethylene
  • One-piece design and chiselled blade provide improved control while minimizing damage to cells
  • Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic





Cell scrapers and lifters are essential tools in cell culture laboratories, used to detach adherent cells from the surface of culture vessels such as tissue culture plates, flasks, or dishes. They are designed to gently and efficiently remove cells without causing damage or disrupting cellular morphology, allowing for downstream applications such as cell passage, harvesting, or analysis. Here’s a breakdown of these tools:

Cell Scrapers:

  • Design: Cell scrapers typically consist of a long handle and a blade or paddle at one end. The blade is usually made of flexible plastic to minimize cell damage while effectively detaching cells from the culture surface.
  • Variety: Scrapers come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different culture vessels and experimental needs. Common shapes include straight, angled, and L-shaped scrapers, each suitable for specific vessel geometries.
  • Usage: To use a cell scraper, the user gently scrapes the blade across the culture surface, applying even pressure to detach the cells. Care should be taken to avoid excessive force, which could damage the cells or culture vessel.

Cell Lifters:

  • Design: Cell lifters, also known as cell lifters or cell lifters, typically consist of a thin, flexible blade attached to a handle. The blade is designed to slide underneath the adherent cells, lifting them off the culture surface.
  • Variety: Like scrapers, lifters come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different culture vessels and applications. Some lifters feature a spatula-like blade, while others have a more rounded or tapered shape.
  • Usage: To use a cell lifter, the user gently slides the blade underneath the adherent cells, lifting them from the culture surface. Care should be taken to minimize cell damage and ensure uniform lifting across the culture area.

Both cell scrapers and lifters are designed to provide a gentle yet effective means of detaching adherent cells from culture vessels, minimizing cell damage and preserving cell viability. When selecting a scraper or lifter, factors such as blade size, shape, flexibility, and compatibility with culture vessels should be considered to ensure optimal performance and usability


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