Surgical Chromic Catgut Suture

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Model number; NH-46797

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Chromic catgut suture is a type of absorbable surgical suture made from the submucosa of the small intestine of sheep or other animals. Despite its name, it does not actually contain catgut (gut from a cat) but is called so due to its historical use of sheep intestine. The term “chromic” refers to the treatment of the suture with chromic acid salts, which imparts some level of resistance to enzymatic digestion, extending the absorption time compared to plain catgut.


Key features of chromic catgut suture include:


Absorbability: Chromic catgut is an absorbable suture, meaning it is naturally broken down and absorbed by the body over time. The absorption process occurs through enzymatic digestion.

Tensile Strength: Chromic catgut provides sufficient tensile strength to support wound closure during the early stages of healing. The tensile strength gradually decreases over time as the suture is absorbed.

Treatment with Chromic Salts: The suture is treated with chromic acid salts to slow down the absorption process and provide a more prolonged wound support compared to plain catgut.

Natural Material: Chromic catgut is derived from natural sources, making it a collagen-based suture. It is free from synthetic components.

Versatility: Chromic catgut is suitable for a range of surgical applications and is commonly used in both soft tissue and internal structures.

Sterilization: The suture material is subjected to a sterilization process before packaging to ensure it is free from microorganisms.


Chromic catgut sutures are often used in various surgical procedures, including abdominal surgeries, gynaecological procedures, and ophthalmic surgeries. The choice of suture material depends on factors such as the type of tissue being sutured, the location of the wound, and the anticipated healing time.


It’s important to note that while chromic catgut is still used in some surgical contexts, many surgeons and healthcare institutions have transitioned to synthetic absorbable sutures or other materials that offer more predictable absorption profiles and reduced risk of adverse reactions. The use of a particular suture material is based on the surgeon’s preference, the characteristics of the tissue being sutured, and the specific requirements of the procedure.


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