Clinical Mercury Thermometer

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Model Number-NH-79461

Brand- Niche Healthcare


Temperature Range: 35℃-42℃ in Celsius Scale, or 94℉-108℉ Fahrenheit Scale. Accuracy: Celsius 0.1℃ or Fahrenheit 0.2℉. Subdivision: Celsius 0.1℃ or Fahrenheit 0.2℉. Sense Medium: Mercury Liquid.

A clinic thermometer, also known as a medical or clinical thermometer, is a specialized thermometer designed for measuring body temperature accurately. These thermometers are commonly used in healthcare settings, clinics, hospitals, and homes for monitoring body temperature, especially during routine health check-ups or when an individual is feeling unwell.

Here are some key features and information about clinic thermometers:

Types of Clinic Thermometers:

Mercury Thermometers (Traditional): Traditional clinic thermometers contain mercury within a glass tube. However, due to safety concerns related to mercury exposure, these thermometers are being phased out in many places and replaced by safer alternatives.

Digital Thermometers: Most modern clinic thermometers are digital and use electronic sensors to measure temperature. They come in various forms, including oral, ear (tympanic), forehead (temporal artery), and rectal thermometers.

Oral Thermometers:

These are placed under the tongue to measure body temperature. It’s important to keep the mouth closed during measurement for accurate readings.

Ear (Tympanic) Thermometers:

Ear thermometers measure the infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum. They are quick and non-invasive, suitable for use in both children and adults.

Forehead (Temporal Artery) Thermometers:

These thermometers measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead. They are often used for quick and convenient temperature measurements.

Rectal Thermometers:

Rectal thermometers are used to measure core body temperature by insertion into the rectum. They are commonly used in infants and young children.

Digital Display:

Digital clinic thermometers have a clear digital display that shows the measured temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

Quick Response Time:

Modern clinic thermometers, especially digital ones, typically provide a quick response time, allowing for fast and accurate temperature readings.

Memory Function:

Some digital thermometers have a memory function that stores the last temperature reading, facilitating tracking and monitoring of temperature changes over time.

Hygiene and Cleaning:

Clinic thermometers, especially those with probes, should be cleaned and disinfected between uses to prevent the spread of infections.

Accuracy and Calibration:

Clinic thermometers are designed for high accuracy and are calibrated to provide reliable temperature readings.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and maintenance of clinic thermometers. Additionally, healthcare professionals may have specific guidelines for using thermometers in clinical settings to ensure accurate and consistent readings.


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