Clinical Trolley (with Basin & Bucket)

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Model Number: NH-17610

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important Quality Control
– With rail at threee side
– Silent castors with brake
– With a stainless steel bowl and a bucket
– With two shelves

Technical Parameters

Size (LxWxH) 730x480x900mm


Clinical trolleys equipped with a basin and bucket offer several healthcare benefits within the NHS, enhancing patient care, hygiene, and operational efficiency. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Infection Control:

    • Dedicated Cleaning Station: The integrated basin and bucket provide a convenient and immediate solution for handwashing and cleaning medical instruments, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
    • Immediate Waste Disposal: Having a bucket readily available ensures that waste, especially liquids, can be disposed of promptly and hygienically, minimizing the spread of infections.
  2. Improved Patient Care:

    • Versatile Use: These trolleys can be used for various patient care activities, such as wound cleaning, catheter care, and other procedures requiring sterile conditions and immediate access to water and waste disposal.
    • Quick Response: The availability of cleaning and waste disposal tools on the trolley allows healthcare providers to respond quickly to patient needs without leaving the patient’s side.
  3. Increased Efficiency and Workflow:

    • Streamlined Processes: With essential cleaning supplies and waste disposal options on the trolley, healthcare workers can perform tasks more efficiently, reducing the time spent retrieving items from different locations.
    • Organized Workstation: These trolleys provide a centralized and organized workspace, ensuring that all necessary items are within reach, improving workflow and reducing downtime.
  4. Improved Hygiene Practices:

    • On-the-Spot Hand Hygiene: The integrated basin facilitates regular handwashing, promoting better hygiene practices among healthcare workers and enhancing overall infection control.
    • Easy Cleaning of Equipment: Medical instruments can be cleaned immediately after use, maintaining sterility and preventing the spread of pathogens.
  5. Enhanced Patient Safety:

    • Reduced Risk of Contamination: Immediate access to cleaning and waste disposal reduces the risk of contamination in patient care areas, contributing to a safer environment for patients.
    • Proper Waste Management: The bucket allows for appropriate segregation and disposal of medical waste, reducing the risk of accidental exposure to hazardous materials.
  6. Flexibility and Mobility:

    • Ease of Movement: These trolleys are designed to be easily moved between patient rooms and different areas within the healthcare facility, providing flexibility in various clinical settings.
    • Adaptability: The trolleys can be adapted for different procedures and environments, making them versatile tools for multiple departments such as emergency rooms, wards, and surgical units.
  7. Improved Ergonomics:

    • Convenient Design: The integrated basin and bucket reduce the need for healthcare workers to make frequent trips to sinks or waste disposal areas, minimizing physical strain and fatigue.
    • Height-Adjustable Options: Many of these trolleys are height-adjustable, catering to the ergonomic needs of different users and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.
  8. Enhanced Compliance with Standards:

    • Adherence to Protocols: Clinical trolleys with basins and buckets support adherence to NHS protocols for hygiene, waste management, and infection control, ensuring consistent and standardized practices.
    • Regulatory Compliance: These trolleys help healthcare facilities comply with regulatory requirements related to sanitation and waste disposal.
  9. Cost-Effective:

    • Reduced Waste and Resource Optimization: By ensuring immediate and proper cleaning and disposal of materials, these trolleys help in reducing waste and optimizing the use of resources, leading to cost savings.
    • Minimized Equipment Loss: Keeping cleaning and disposal tools on the trolley reduces the likelihood of losing or misplacing equipment, further contributing to cost efficiency.

In summary, clinical trolleys equipped with a basin and bucket provide significant benefits in the NHS by enhancing infection control, improving patient care, increasing efficiency, and ensuring better hygiene practices. Their flexibility, mobility, and ergonomic design make them valuable assets in various clinical settings, ultimately contributing to a safer and more effective healthcare environment.



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