Colourful Dental Aligner Chewies

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Dental aligner chewies, also known simply as chewies, are small cylindrical foam or rubber devices used in conjunction with clear aligner therapy to help seat aligners more securely against the teeth. They are typically made of a soft, flexible material and resemble small cylindrical erasers or pieces of foam.

Here’s how they’re used:

  • Improving fit: After inserting a clear aligner tray, patients use the chewie by biting down on it gently. This helps to apply consistent pressure across the entire surface of the aligner, ensuring a snug fit against the teeth. It can help to eliminate air gaps between the aligner and the teeth, which is essential for effective tooth movement.
  • Enhancing effectiveness: By using chewies regularly, patients can enhance the effectiveness of their clear aligner treatment. Properly seated aligners are more likely to exert the desired forces on the teeth, leading to more predictable and efficient tooth movement.
  • Comfort: Chewies can also help alleviate discomfort or soreness associated with wearing aligners, particularly during the initial stages of treatment or after switching to a new set of aligners. By ensuring a proper fit, they can reduce pressure points and improve overall comfort.

Chewies are typically recommended by orthodontists as part of a patient’s clear aligner treatment regimen. They are easy to use and can be conveniently carried and used throughout the day as needed.


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Dental Health Infographic.


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