Combined Spinal Epidural Kit

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A Combined Spinal Epidural (CSE) Kit is a medical device used for pain management and anesthesia during childbirth or certain surgical procedures. It combines two techniques: a spinal needle for delivering a single, fast-acting dose of medication directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, and an epidural catheter for continuous pain relief through medication administration near the spinal nerves.

Model Number – NH-06592

Brand – Niche Healthcare



Epidural Needle (tuohy needle), 16G /18G x 80mm

Spinal Needle 25G x 110mm, pencil point

Epidural Catheter multiport with mark 0.8/1.0mm≥850mm

Epidural Filter 0.22μm, hydrophobic membrane, luer lock

LOR Syringe 7ml, 10ml available

Catheter Adaptor TBA, secure the catheter completely



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