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Model Number: NH-55713

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Glass Bottom Dishes are used in the fields of Life Science and Environmental Research, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell Culture and Cell Physiology, Biotechnology, Neurology, Pathology, Pharmacology and more.
Available with 2 different glass bottom sizes of 15mm and 20mm  
High clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene
High quality cover glass of standard thickness 0.16-0.19mm
DNase/RNase and Human DNA Free, Non-pyrogenic
Sterilized .


A confocal dish is a specialized laboratory dish designed for use with confocal microscopy. These dishes are crafted to provide optimal conditions for imaging thick specimens with precision and clarity. The design of the dish allows researchers to control the focal plane and capture detailed, high-resolution images of biological samples.

Key features of confocal dishes include:

Glass Bottom: Confocal dishes typically have a glass bottom that facilitates high-quality imaging. The glass allows for better light transmission and reduces background noise, enhancing image clarity.

Optical Clarity: The dish is designed to minimize optical distortion, ensuring that the microscope objective can accurately focus on the desired plane within the specimen.

Thickness: Confocal dishes often come in various thicknesses, allowing researchers to choose the most suitable dish based on the working distance and characteristics of their microscopy setup.

Sterilization: Many confocal dishes are sterilisable, making them suitable for cell culture and live-cell imaging experiments.

Compatibility: These dishes are compatible with various mounting systems and microscope stages, providing flexibility for different imaging configurations.

Reduced Autofluorescence: The materials used in confocal dishes are selected to minimize autofluorescence, helping to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in fluorescence imaging.

Ease of Use: Confocal dishes are user-friendly, allowing researchers to handle and manipulate specimens with ease during live-cell imaging experiments.

Confocal dishes are essential tools in advanced microscopy techniques, enabling researchers to visualize and study biological processes at the cellular and subcellular levels. They are particularly valuable for three-dimensional imaging and fluorescence studies, where precise control of the focal plane is crucial for obtaining accurate and detailed images of biological samples.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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