Custom Black Pop Band Aid

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Model Number: NH-33473
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  • Sterile
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Ventilated & breathable plaster
  • Plasters are individually wrapped
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Long lasting adhesion yet easy to peal
  • Soft and conformable. Absorbent non stick pad. Material for better comfort


Caution & Step

  • Gently clean the wound with water after wash hand before using medical band aid.
  • Apply medical band aid to wound, ensuring adhesive part of dressing does not come into contact with the wound.
  • The medical band aid can be left in place for several days and is sticking well.
  • Change the first aid plaster if it is damaged.
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Custom black pop band-aids offer several healthcare benefits within the National Health Service (NHS):

  1. Customization for Diverse Patient Needs: Custom black pop band-aids allow the NHS to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of patients. By offering customizable options, healthcare providers can accommodate varying skin tones and cultural preferences, ensuring that patients feel represented and valued in their healthcare experiences.

  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort and Confidence: Black pop band-aids provide a discreet and seamless solution for wound care, particularly for patients with darker skin tones. The use of black adhesive material helps blend the band-aid with the skin, reducing the visibility of the dressing and promoting patient comfort and confidence during healing.

  3. Minimization of Discoloration and Residue: Black pop band-aids are less likely to leave behind adhesive residue or discoloration on the skin, compared to traditional beige or white band-aids. This is especially beneficial for patients with darker skin tones, as it helps maintain the natural appearance of the skin and reduces the need for additional cleaning or skincare interventions.

  4. Promotion of Inclusivity and Diversity: Custom black pop band-aids promote inclusivity and diversity within the healthcare setting, reflecting the NHS’s commitment to equitable and patient-centered care. By offering band-aids that are tailored to the needs of patients with darker skin tones, the NHS demonstrates its dedication to addressing healthcare disparities and promoting cultural competence among healthcare providers.

  5. Reduction of Stigma and Self-Consciousness: For patients with darker skin tones, finding band-aids that blend seamlessly with their skin can be challenging. Custom black pop band-aids help reduce feelings of self-consciousness or stigma associated with wearing visible bandages, allowing patients to focus on their recovery without undue attention drawn to their wounds.

  6. Facilitation of Healing and Wound Management: Black pop band-aids provide effective wound protection and support for healing, regardless of skin tone. The discreet and comfortable design of these band-aids allows patients to continue with their daily activities without disruption, promoting optimal wound management and recovery within the NHS.

  7. Recognition of Cultural Sensitivity: Offering custom black pop band-aids demonstrates cultural sensitivity and awareness on the part of the NHS. By acknowledging and addressing the unique needs of patients with darker skin tones, healthcare providers can foster trust and rapport with diverse patient populations, leading to improved patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.


How to clean a wound from home.

How to clean a wound from home.


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