Cuvette for French STAGO

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Model Number: NH-48913

Brand: Niche Healthcare

With magnet beads,1000pcs/set.
Package:6sets/inner box, 12sets/carton


A cuvette designed for use with the French STAGO Fully Auto Coagulometer is a specialized vessel or container used in the analysis of blood coagulation. In the context of a coagulometer, which is an instrument used to measure blood clotting times and related parameters, the cuvette plays a crucial role in holding the blood sample during the testing process.

Key features of a cuvette for the French STAGO Fully Auto Coagulometer may include:

Material: Cuvettes are typically made of high-quality materials such as clear plastic or glass to allow for accurate measurement and observation of the blood sample.

Compatibility: The cuvette is specifically designed to be compatible with the French STAGO Fully Auto Coagulometer, ensuring proper fit and functionality within the instrument.

Volume Capacity: The cuvette has a specific volume capacity suitable for the blood sample required for coagulation testing. This volume is often standardized to ensure consistent and reliable results.

Optical Path: In coagulation analysis, the cuvette may have a defined optical path that allows the instrument to measure changes in light transmission or other optical properties as the blood undergoes the coagulation process.

Disposable or Reusable: Cuvettes may be designed for single-use (disposable) or multiple uses (reusable), depending on the laboratory’s requirements and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Quality Control: High-quality cuvettes undergo strict quality control measures to ensure precision and accuracy in coagulation testing, contributing to reliable and reproducible results.

When using a cuvette with the French STAGO Fully Auto Coagulometer, it’s essential for healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper handling, loading, and disposal of cuvettes to maintain the accuracy and integrity of coagulation test results. The cuvette serves as a critical component in the overall functionality of the coagulometer, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of various blood clotting disorders.


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