Cytology Brush with Round Tip


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A Cytology Brush with a Safety Plastic Ball-shaped Tip is a medical device used in the collection of cell samples for cytological examination, such as pap smears or other diagnostic tests. This type of brush is characterized by its unique design, featuring a plastic ball-shaped tip at the end of a slender handle.


A cytology brush with a plastic ball tip is a medical instrument used for collecting cell samples for cytological examination. This type of brush is commonly employed in procedures such as Pap smears, endocervical cytology, or other cytological evaluations where cell samples are needed. The plastic ball tip on the brush facilitates gentle and effective sample collection. Here are some key features and information about cytology brushes with plastic ball tips:


Cytology brushes are designed with bristles or fibres attached to a handle. The plastic ball tip is often at the end of the brush and is used to enhance the collection process.

Plastic Ball Tip:

The plastic ball tip serves multiple purposes:

It provides a smooth surface for gentle contact with the tissue during sample collection.

It helps in navigating anatomical structures with less trauma.

It aids in the effective collection of cell samples.

Sample Collection:

Cytology brushes with plastic ball tips are used to gently brush or rotate against the targeted area, collecting cells for subsequent analysis under a microscope.


These brushes are commonly used in gynecological procedures, such as Pap smears, to collect cell samples from the cervix or endocervical canal. They may also be used in other areas of the body where cytological examination is necessary.


The bristles or fibers of the brush are typically made from materials that allow for efficient sample collection and preservation. The plastic ball tip is often made from a biocompatible and non-reactive material.


Cytology brushes are usually supplied in a sterile condition to prevent contamination. Proper sterilization methods are essential to maintain aseptic conditions during procedures.

Disposable or Reusable:

Depending on the design and intended use, cytology brushes may be available in both disposable and reusable forms. Disposable brushes are discarded after a single use to prevent cross-contamination.

Compatibility with Cytology Fixatives:

Cell samples collected with these brushes are often preserved using cytology fixatives, allowing for subsequent staining and microscopic examination.

Gynaecological Examinations:

In gynaecology, cytology brushes are commonly used to collect samples from the cervix and endocervical canal for Pap smears and other cytological tests. The plastic ball tip aids in navigating through the cervical canal.

The use of cytology brushes with plastic ball tips is an important aspect of cytological examinations, aiding in the accurate diagnosis of various conditions, especially in the field of gynaecology. Healthcare professionals follow specific protocols to ensure proper sample collection and handling for cytological testing.


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