Datex SPO2 Cable, 10 Holes

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Model Number – NH-123451

Brand – Niche Healthcare

The SPO2 extension cable is used to connect the disposable SPO2 sensor and monitor to complete the signal connection and conversion. 
Different brands of monitor correspond to different SPO2 Cable. 


SPO2 Cable, Datex, 10 Holes

The SPO2 cable with 10 holes designed for Datex monitors is a medical device accessory used in pulse oximetry. Datex-Ohmeda, now part of GE Healthcare, produces various models of SPO2 cables that are compatible with their pulse oximeters and patient sensors. Here’s an overview of its components and usage:

  • Cable: The cable is typically made of flexible and durable material, allowing for easy handling and connection between the pulse oximeter and the patient sensor.
  • Connector: The SPO2 cable for Datex monitors features a connector with 10 holes that is specifically designed to fit into compatible Datex pulse oximeters. The connector ensures a secure and reliable connection between the cable and the pulse oximeter.
  • Compatibility: The SPO2 cable is designed to be compatible with Datex pulse oximeters and corresponding sensors. It is essential to ensure that the cable is compatible with the specific model of the pulse oximeter being used to ensure proper functionality and accuracy.
  • Patient Sensor: The SPO2 cable is typically connected to a compatible pulse oximeter sensor, which is placed on the patient’s finger, toe, or other suitable body part. The sensor emits light at different wavelengths, which is absorbed by oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. Based on the absorption of light, the pulse oximeter calculates the oxygen saturation level in the blood.
  • Monitoring: Once the SPO2 cable is connected to the pulse oximeter and sensor, it continuously monitors the patient’s oxygen saturation levels and displays the readings on the pulse oximeter’s screen. This information is vital for assessing the patient’s respiratory status and oxygenation levels, particularly in critical care settings, operating rooms, and during anesthesia administration.

Overall, the SPO2 cable for Datex monitors is an essential component of pulse oximetry monitoring systems, providing accurate and reliable measurements of oxygen saturation levels in patients. It is important to ensure proper handling, connection, and compatibility with the pulse oximeter and sensor to achieve optimal performance and patient safety.


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