Densest Drosophila Plugs

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Model Number: NH-58204

Brand: Niche Healthcare 


Features & Benefits: 

  • Material: densest foam, densest sponge, and degreasing fibre are available
  •  Densest foam: the deformation effect is good and can maintain a tight fit to the vial wall after repeated use and multiple movements, high air permeability ensures the growth of drosophila
  •  Densest sponge: dense material, can completely block the entry of mites, moderate hardness, easy to operate, autoclavable, not easily deformed and damaged, and can be reused
  •  Degreasing fibre: excellent shaping effect makes the internal space compact and prevents mites from entering while still ensuring breathability, cost-effective, recommended for one-time use
  • Causes minimal shedding and reduces evaporation
  • Maintains tight fit after repeated use and removal



Drosophila Plugs Specification

Drosophila Plugs Specification


Drosophila plugs, also known as cotton plugs or stoppers, are commonly used in laboratory settings when working with Drosophila melanogaster, or fruit flies. These plugs are typically made of cotton or another porous material and are used to seal the openings of containers such as vials, bottles, or tubes that house fruit flies.

The purpose of using plugs is to prevent the escape of the fruit flies while allowing for sufficient airflow to maintain the flies’ health. They are inserted into the openings of containers after adding food or transferring flies, effectively creating a barrier that keeps the flies contained within the vessel.

Plugs are essential tools in Drosophila research, as they help researchers maintain controlled environments for their experiments and prevent cross-contamination between different populations of flies. They also allow researchers to easily access the flies when needed for observations, experiments, or genetic manipulations.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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