Dental Microbrush/Applicator

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Model Number: NH-85953

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Product name: Dental microbrush

Length: 10cm/3.93inch

Tips Diameter:

Regular size (Blue): 0.25cm/0.1inch;

Fine size (Green) : 0.2cm/0.08inch;

Ultrafine size (Purple) : 0.15cm/0.06inch;

Cylinder size (White) : 0.12cm/0.04inch.

Package: 100pcs/barrel,160barrels/ctn.

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Cat No. Description  
516401 Dental microbrush , Regular size (0.25cm), 100pcs/bottle  
516402 Dental microbrush , Fine size (0.2cm), 100pcs/bottle  
516403 Dental microbrush , Ultrafine size (0.15cm), 100pcs/bottle  
516404 Dental microbrush , Cylinder size (0.12cm), 100pcs/bottle  


Dental microbrushes are small disposable applicators used in dentistry for various purposes, including applying dental materials with precision. They are designed to be used in dental procedures such as restorative work, bonding, etching, sealant application, and other dental applications where a small, precise applicator is required.

Key features and considerations regarding dental microbrushes:

Size and Design:

Dental microbrushes are typically small in size, resembling a miniature brush with a handle. The design includes a fine tip for precise application.


The bristles of microbrushes are often made from materials like nylon or other flexible and non-absorbent materials.


Microbrushes are usually disposable, promoting a single-use practice to maintain cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination.

Applicator for Dental Materials:

These brushes are commonly used to apply dental materials such as adhesives, bonding agents, etchants, sealants, and other liquid or gel-based substances.

Precise Application:

The small and precise tips of dental microbrushes allow for accurate and controlled application in specific areas of the tooth or dental restoration.


Microbrushes may come in different colors, helping dental professionals differentiate between materials or applications during dental procedures.

Bendable or Flexible:

Some micro brushes are designed to be flexible or bendable, allowing for easier access to hard-to-reach areas within the oral cavity.

Hygienic Packaging:

Dental micro brushes are often packaged in hygienic containers or sleeves to ensure their sterility until use.

Variety of Sizes:

Microbrushes come in various sizes to accommodate different needs and procedures, ranging from ultrafine tips for precision work to larger tips for broader application.

Versatile Applications:

Used in a variety of dental procedures, including restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and preventive dentistry.

Dental microbrushes offer dental professionals a convenient and efficient way to apply small quantities of dental materials precisely. Their disposable nature ensures a high level of hygiene, and their small size allows for detailed and intricate work in the oral cavity. The color-coded and flexible options further enhance their versatility in various dental applications.


Dental Infographic

Dental Infographic


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