Dental Mirror

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Model number; NH-87568

Brand; Niche Healthcare 


Anti-fog Dental Mirror

Disposable anti-fog Dental Mirror is designed for dental examination.
Material: ABS handle, PC mirror
Mirror diameter: 20mm
Length: 20cm
EO sterilization
Blister bag sterile pack.

A dental mirror is a small, handheld instrument with a mirror on one end. It is a standard tool used in dentistry for various purposes, primarily allowing dental professionals to view and access areas of the mouth that are not easily visible. Here’s how dental mirrors are used within dental settings:

  1. Visualization: The primary purpose of a dental mirror is to provide a clear view of areas inside the mouth that are difficult to see directly. This includes the surfaces of teeth, especially those in the back of the mouth, and areas between teeth.

  2. Examination of Teeth: Dentists and dental hygienists use dental mirrors during oral examinations to inspect the surfaces of teeth for signs of decay, cavities, cracks, or other dental issues. The mirror helps them visualize all tooth surfaces, including lingual and occlusal aspects.

  3. Viewing Soft Tissues: Dental mirrors are used to examine soft tissues inside the mouth, including the gums, tongue, and the roof of the mouth. This allows for the detection of abnormalities, lesions, or signs of oral diseases.

  4. Checking Restorations: Dentists use mirrors to assess the condition of dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges. The mirror enables a comprehensive view of these restorations from different angles.

  5. Providing Visual Feedback: Dental mirrors are often used to show patients the condition of their teeth and explain treatment recommendations. This visual feedback helps patients understand their oral health and make informed decisions about dental care.

  6. Assisting in Procedures: During dental procedures, mirrors aid dental professionals in achieving better visibility and access. For example, mirrors can be used during the placement of dental sealants, bonding procedures, or when working with dental appliances.

  7. Accessing Posterior Teeth: The mirror’s reflective surface allows dental professionals to see behind and between posterior teeth without having to reposition the patient. This is especially useful for examining and treating molars and other hard-to-reach areas.

  8. Retraction of Soft Tissues: Dental mirrors are often used to gently retract the lips, cheeks, or tongue to provide a clear view of specific areas. This is particularly helpful during procedures that require a dry field or precise access.

  9. Photography: Dental mirrors are used in dental photography to capture images of specific areas inside the mouth. The mirror helps achieve optimal angles for capturing detailed shots of teeth and oral structures.

Dental mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, and some have features such as magnification or lighting to enhance visualization. They are an essential tool in routine dental examinations, treatment planning, and various dental procedures, contributing to accurate diagnoses and effective dental care.

Dental Infographic

Dental Infographic

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