Disposable Dental Tray Covers

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Model Number: NH-44432

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Dental tray covers, also known as dental bibs or tray liners, are protective materials used in dental settings to cover and shield trays, countertops, or other surfaces from contamination during dental procedures. 

Available In:

  • white
  • blue
  • green
  • pink
  • yellow
  • purple



Dental Tray Covers
These disposable dental tray covers provide a convenient infection prevention barrier and fit trays comfortably. It assists in preventing cross-contamination, impede the flow of moisture to the tray below. Available in variable colours.
Size: 18*28cm, 21*31cm

Dental tray covers, also known as dental bibs or tray liners, are protective materials used in dental settings to cover and shield trays, countertops, or other surfaces from contamination during dental procedures. Here’s how dental tray covers are commonly used within dental settings:

  1. Surface Protection: Dental tray covers are designed to provide a protective barrier for surfaces such as instrument trays, countertops, or dental chairs. They act as a barrier to prevent cross-contamination and ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

  2. Patient Comfort: Dental tray covers contribute to the comfort of patients by providing a clean surface for them to rest their head or arms on during dental procedures. This can enhance the overall patient experience and create a more pleasant environment.

  3. Infection Control: In dental settings, infection control is of utmost importance. Dental tray covers help prevent the spread of microorganisms and contaminants between patients by creating a disposable barrier that can be easily replaced between appointments.

  4. Disposable Design: Dental tray covers are typically disposable and are discarded after each patient. This ensures a fresh and sanitary surface for every individual, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

  5. Absorbent Material: Many dental tray covers are made from absorbent materials, such as paper or tissue with a polyethylene backing. This helps absorb any fluids or debris that may be present during dental procedures, keeping the underlying surface dry and clean.

  6. Custom Fit: Dental tray covers are often available in various sizes to fit different trays or surfaces. They may come in standard sizes or rolls that can be cut to the desired length, providing flexibility for dental professionals to use them as needed.

  7. Color Options: Dental tray covers may come in different colors, allowing dental offices to choose options that match their overall color scheme or aesthetic preferences. Common colors include white, blue, or patterns that add a decorative touch.

  8. Convenience: The use of dental tray covers adds a layer of convenience to the dental practice. They are easy to apply, replace, and dispose of, making them a practical solution for maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

  9. Compliance with Regulations: Dental tray covers contribute to compliance with infection control regulations and guidelines established by dental associations and health authorities. Adhering to these standards is crucial for ensuring patient safety.

  10. Environmental Considerations: Some dental tray covers are designed with eco-friendly materials, considering environmental sustainability. Biodegradable or recyclable options may be available for dental practices aiming to reduce their ecological footprint.


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