Disposable Irrigation Tube

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Model Number – NH-00376

Brand – Niche Healthcare

A disposable irrigation tube used in dentistry is a small, flexible tube designed for the purpose of delivering fluids, often irrigation solutions, during dental procedures.


Disposable Irrigation Tube
Material: silica gel, PVC
Disposable Irrigation Tube is used to rinse wounds and rinse wounds in surgery or dental implantation.
Specification: Two-way dental implant, three-way dental implant, universal dental implant, universal rinse
Disposable Irrigation Tubeis made of medical non-toxic PVC imported material, harmless to human body, moderate softness, anti-bending and anti-bending.
Has good transparency and can be used to observe the fluidity of liquid in the tube.
Equipped with transparent dropper for easy observation of flow rate, equipped with an investigation valve, which can adjust the flow rate.
Important technical parameters
Good sealing, no leakage of conduit under 25 kPa pressure gas
Under the force of less than 15N, no loosening, falling off or breaking occurred in all parts of the flushing duct.

A disposable irrigation tube used in dentistry is a small, flexible tube designed for the purpose of delivering fluids, often irrigation solutions, during dental procedures. These tubes are intended for single-use and are commonly used in various dental applications to irrigate and clean specific areas within the oral cavity. Here’s how a disposable irrigation tube is typically used in dental settings:

  1. Fluid Delivery: The primary function of a disposable irrigation tube is to deliver fluids to a specific area within the oral cavity. This can include irrigation solutions, water, or other medicaments used during dental procedures.

  2. Irrigation in Periodontal Procedures: Disposable irrigation tubes are frequently used in periodontal procedures, such as scaling and root planing. The irrigation helps remove debris, bacteria, and calculus from below the gumline and promotes a clean and disinfected environment.

  3. Endodontic Procedures: In root canal treatments, disposable irrigation tubes are employed to deliver irrigants into the root canal system. These irrigants help flush out debris, disinfect the canal, and contribute to the success of the endodontic procedure.

  4. Implant Surgery: During dental implant surgeries, disposable irrigation tubes can be used to irrigate the surgical site. Irrigation helps keep the area clean, provides better visibility for the dentist, and aids in preventing infection.

  5. Orthodontic Procedures: In orthodontics, disposable irrigation tubes may be used to deliver fluids for cleaning and maintaining proper oral hygiene around orthodontic appliances, such as braces and wires.

  6. Disposable for Infection Control: Disposable irrigation tubes are designed for single-use, which helps maintain infection control standards in dental practices. After each patient, the tube is discarded to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

  7. Flexible and Maneuverable: The tubing is often flexible and can be easily maneuvered to reach specific areas within the oral cavity. This flexibility allows dental professionals to target irrigation precisely where it is needed.

  8. Sterile Packaging: Disposable irrigation tubes are typically supplied in sterile packaging. This ensures that the tubing is free from contaminants and ready for use in aseptic conditions.

  9. Easy Connection: These tubes are designed for easy connection to dental unit waterlines or other irrigation systems used in dental offices. Quick and secure connections facilitate a smooth workflow during dental procedures.

  10. Reduced Maintenance: Because disposable irrigation tubes are intended for single-use, dental professionals do not need to invest time in cleaning and sterilizing the tubing between patients. This can contribute to a more efficient workflow in a busy dental practice.

It’s important for dental professionals to follow recommended protocols and guidelines for the use and disposal of disposable irrigation tubes to ensure patient safety and infection control.

Dental Infographic

Dental Infographic

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