Dressing Retention Tape

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Model Number: NH-00132

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Secures primary dressings and gastrostomy tubes and other feeding tubes


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Dressing Retention Tape
Secures primary dressings and gastrostomy tubes and other feeding tubes
Low-sensitivity adhesive is gentle on your skin
Printed S-release liner for flexibility and customized sizing
Water resistant to help keep tape on in the presence of moisture

Dressing Retention Tape, also known as medical tape or surgical tape, is an adhesive tape used in healthcare settings to secure and hold dressings, bandages, or medical devices in place on the skin. It plays a critical role in wound care and medical procedures, ensuring that dressings stay securely attached and providing support to medical equipment or tubing.

Key features and functions of Dressing Retention Tape include:

  1. Secure Adhesion: Dressing retention tape is designed to have strong adhesive properties, ensuring that it adheres well to the skin and keeps dressings or bandages in place.

  2. Versatility: It is available in various widths, lengths, and materials to suit different applications, including paper, cloth, or plastic-based tape.

  3. Hypoallergenic Options: Many varieties of medical tape are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin who may be prone to skin irritation.

  4. Breathability: Some types of tape are designed to allow air to circulate through the skin, reducing the risk of skin maceration and promoting healing.

  5. Easy Application and Removal: Dressing retention tape is typically easy to tear by hand, simplifying the application process. It can also be removed gently without causing excessive trauma to the skin.

  6. Conformability: The tape can conform to the contours of the body, making it suitable for use on joints, curves, and irregular surfaces.

  7. Medical Device Securement: It is often used to secure medical devices such as IV lines, catheters, and tubing in place.

Dressing Retention Tape is an essential component of wound care kits, first aid supplies, and medical facilities, ensuring that dressings and medical equipment remain securely attached, helping to prevent infection, and promoting the healing process.


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