Drosophila Vials- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-41125

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Drosophila vials, ideal for drosophila research.
Manufactured from virgin Polystyrene or Polypropylene .
Polystyrene fly vials offer glass-like clarity for excellent visibility.
Polypropylene fly vials are fully autoclavable. Virtually indestructible fly vials offer good clarity and cost savings.
Non sterile.


Features & Benefits:

  • Material: polypropylene, polystyrene, and K-Resin are available
  •  Polypropylene: flexible, corrosion resistant, and fully autoclavable(121°C, 15psi, 15min)
  •  Polystyrene: high transparency and lightweight, easy to observe and store, cost-effective
  •  K-Resin: high transparency, good toughness
  • Narrow and wide vials are available
  • Safe and cost-effective substitute to glass vials
  • Both narrow and wide vials are available in bulk or tray packaging
  • Tray packs are great for quick, effortless filling of vials



Drosophila Vials- Laboratory

Drosophila Vials- Laboratory

Drosophila vials are specialized containers used in research laboratories for the culturing and housing of Drosophila melanogaster, commonly known as fruit flies. These vials are designed to create a controlled environment conducive to the breeding, observation, and experimentation of fruit flies, which are widely used as model organisms in genetic and biological research.

  • Key features of Drosophila vials include:
  • Size and Shape: Drosophila vials are typically small, narrow, and cylindrical in shape. Their dimensions are optimized for the space requirements and behaviour of fruit flies.
  • Material: The vials are commonly made of clear plastic or glass, allowing researchers to observe the flies easily and conduct experiments.
  • Ventilation: Many Drosophila vials have specialized caps or stoppers that provide ventilation while preventing the escape of the flies. This helps maintain the proper airflow and conditions within the vial.
  • Food Medium: Drosophila vials often contain a food medium at the bottom, which serves as both a nutrient source for the flies and a substrate for egg laying.
  • Labelling: Researchers often label Drosophila vials with important information such as the genotype, date of collection, or specific experimental conditions.
  • Stackability: Drosophila vials are designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of laboratory space and organization of different genetic lines or experimental groups.
  • Handling: The vials are designed for ease of handling, enabling researchers to transfer, sort, or manipulate the fruit flies without causing harm to the insects.

Drosophila melanogaster has been a crucial model organism in genetics and developmental biology due to its rapid reproductive cycle, well-characterized genetics, and similarities to higher organisms. Drosophila vials play a vital role in maintaining and manipulating fruit fly populations for various genetic, physiological, and behavioural studies in laboratory settings.


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