Durable Bariatric Mattress

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Model number: NH-51574

Brand: Niche Healthcare

An economical bariatric mattress with pressure replacement system,  providing effective skin protection for bariatric patients  
Functions include alternating pressure, static float, auto firm and low-pressure alarm 
Micropores material, superb permeability, cool and dry
Adjustable cycle time
750 lb. weight capacity
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A bariatric mattress is a specialized type of mattress designed to support the unique needs of individuals who are considered to be in the bariatric category, meaning they are significantly overweight or obese. These mattresses are engineered to provide extra support, durability, and comfort to accommodate the increased weight and size of such individuals.

Key features of bariatric mattresses may include:

  • Weight Capacity: Bariatric mattresses are designed to support higher weight capacities compared to standard mattresses. They are built to distribute weight evenly and reduce the risk of sagging or damage.
  • Thickness and Density: Bariatric mattresses are often thicker and denser than regular mattresses to provide better support and prevent the mattress from compressing under the weight of the individual.
  • Reinforced Construction: The construction of a bariatric mattress typically involves reinforced materials, such as high-density foam or innerspring systems, to enhance durability and longevity.
  • Pressure Redistribution: These mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure, reducing the risk of pressure sores or discomfort, which can be common concerns for individuals with obesity who may spend extended periods in bed.
  • Wider Dimensions: Bariatric mattresses often come in wider dimensions to accommodate the broader frames of individuals in the bariatric category.
  • Cover Material: The cover material of bariatric mattresses is usually chosen for its durability and ability to withstand increased weight and pressure.

It’s important for individuals in the bariatric category to consult with healthcare professionals, including specialists such as occupational therapists or bariatric care teams, to determine the most suitable mattress based on their specific needs and health conditions. Choosing an appropriate bariatric mattress can contribute to better sleep quality, improved comfort, and overall well-being for individuals with higher body weight.


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