Ear & Nasal Syringe Pink “Elly” Elephant

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Model Number: NH-89673

Pedia Pals’ Ear and Nasal syringes are unique and eye-catching products. Pedia Pals’ Ear and Nasal syringes are created to allow doctors to perform an ear and nasal exam with more comfort and ease to both the patient and the provider. The “Elly” Ear and Nasal Syringe are easy to use and a great tool for parents at home or caregivers in the office.



• 2” bulb with a 1 3/4” soft, tapered tip
• 3 oz. size
• Non-toxic hand painted decoration
• Made with soft Rotocast PVC
• One-piece moulded construction
• Soft rounded tip for comfort
• Fun animal designs and colours puts children at ease
• Washable and durable
• Sterilize with Isopropyl Alcohol after each use

Creating A Positive Paediatric Environment 

  • Safety and Comfort for Children: Paediatric furniture is designed with the specific needs and safety of children in mind. It ensures that the environment is child-friendly, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Comfortable and appropriately sized furniture helps create a reassuring atmosphere for young patients.
  • Facilitates Paediatric Care and Procedures: Specialized paediatric furniture allows healthcare professionals to conduct examinations, tests, and treatments more efficiently. Equipment such as paediatric examination tables, cribs, and scales are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of paediatric patients, making it easier for healthcare providers to deliver optimal care.
  • Promotes a Positive Environment: Paediatric furniture is often colourful, engaging, and designed with child-friendly themes. This helps create a positive and less intimidating environment for young patients. A welcoming atmosphere can contribute to reducing anxiety and stress, making medical visits a more positive experience for children and their families.
  • Enhances Patient and Family Experience: Furniture in paediatric areas is not only for the patients but also for their families. Comfortable seating, sleeping arrangements, and play areas contribute to an overall positive experience for both children and their parents or guardians during hospital stays or visits.
  • Supports Developmental Needs: Paediatric furniture is tailored to support the developmental stages of children. From cribs for infants to adjustable seating for older children, these pieces of furniture are designed to accommodate the physical and developmental needs of paediatric patients.


Creating A Positive Paediatric Environment.

Creating A Positive Paediatric Environment.


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