ECG Machine Trolley (with basket)

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Model Number: NH-08638

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important Quality Control
– Metal immersion painting process, adjustable position.Size: 280*160*100mm.
– 5*2.5 inch silent casters, flexible movement, 2 casters with brakes.
– Integrated handle, streamlined design, smooth feel, ergonomic.
– Aluminum tray with anodized surface treatment and firm installation.Size: 350*300mm.

Technical parameters

Product size 450*425*780mm
Product weight net weight: 5.02kg gross weight: 5.82kg
Height 780mm
Basket size 280*160*100mm
Tray size 350*300mm
Base diameter 450mm
Column diameter 50mm
Packing size 260*260mm
Display mounting hole ①450*425*200mm; packing ②730*55*55mm


ECG machine trolleys, designed to carry electrocardiogram (ECG) machines and related accessories, offer several healthcare benefits within the NHS (National Health Service) and other clinical settings. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility:

    • Portability: ECG machine trolleys are designed for easy movement between patient rooms, wards, or different areas of the hospital, ensuring that ECG equipment is readily accessible wherever it is needed.
    • Point-of-Care Diagnostics: They enable real-time ECG monitoring and diagnostics directly at the bedside, enhancing the immediacy and convenience of cardiac assessments.
  2. Improved Workflow and Efficiency:

    • Organized Storage: These trolleys provide organized compartments and surfaces for ECG machines, electrodes, cables, and other necessary supplies, reducing time spent searching for items and streamlining the workflow.
    • Efficient Procedures: By having all necessary ECG equipment on a mobile platform, healthcare providers can perform cardiac assessments more efficiently without needing to transport patients to different areas.
  3. Enhanced Patient Care and Safety:

    • Immediate Access to Diagnostics: ECG machine trolleys ensure that critical diagnostic tools are always within reach, enabling prompt assessment and intervention in cases of suspected cardiac events.
    • Reduced Patient Movement: Bringing the ECG machine to the patient reduces the need for patient transport, which is particularly beneficial for critically ill or immobile patients, thereby improving patient safety and comfort.
  4. Facilitation of Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration:

    • Team Coordination: ECG machine trolleys support team-based care by providing a central point for various healthcare providers to access and perform cardiac assessments, enhancing communication and coordination.
    • Integrated Communication Tools: Some trolleys may be equipped with communication devices or interfaces, facilitating quick consultations and information sharing among team members.
  5. Support for Evidence-Based Practice:

    • Access to Resources: Trolleys equipped with digital interfaces can provide access to clinical guidelines, research articles, and other evidence-based resources directly from the cart, supporting informed decision-making.
    • Clinical Decision Support: Integration with clinical decision support systems (CDSS) can provide healthcare providers with real-time alerts, reminders, and recommendations based on patient data.
  6. Improved Ergonomics and Staff Well-Being:

    • Adjustable Design: Many ECG machine trolleys are height-adjustable and ergonomically designed to reduce physical strain on healthcare providers, promoting comfort during use.
    • User-Friendly Layout: Intuitive and organized layouts help healthcare providers work more efficiently and comfortably, reducing stress and physical fatigue.
  7. Infection Control:

    • Easy to Clean: ECG machine trolleys are designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, helping maintain high standards of hygiene and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
    • Dedicated Equipment: Using dedicated trolleys for ECG machines minimizes the need for shared devices, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  8. Compliance and Security:

    • Equipment Security: ECG machine trolleys can be equipped with locking compartments or secure mounts to protect valuable ECG machines and ensure that they are only accessed by authorized personnel.
    • Regulatory Compliance: The use of these trolleys helps ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and standards for equipment management and patient safety.
  9. Versatility and Adaptability:

    • Multi-Functional Use: ECG machine trolleys can be used for various purposes, including housing diagnostic equipment, supporting patient monitoring systems, and carrying therapeutic devices, making them versatile tools in clinical settings.
    • Customizable Configurations: The trolleys can be customized with different modules, drawers, and mounts to meet the specific needs of various departments and specialties, enhancing their utility and effectiveness.
  10. Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities:

    • Continuous Monitoring: ECG machine trolleys equipped with monitoring devices enable continuous tracking of cardiac activity, allowing for prompt intervention when necessary.
    • Real-Time Alerts: Integration with monitoring systems can provide real-time alerts to healthcare providers about changes in patient conditions, improving response times and patient outcomes.

In summary, ECG machine trolleys significantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of patient care within the NHS. They provide healthcare providers with immediate access to essential diagnostic tools at the point of care, improve workflow and organization, support evidence-based practice, and promote ergonomic comfort and infection control, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.


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