Economical Endo-cavitary BW Probe

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Model Number: NH-30048
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Splash proof
  2. No battery in probe
  3. Full-field synthetic aperture imaging
  4. Speckle reduction imaging
  5. Doppler over-sampling imaging
  6. Windows/Android


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The Economical Endo-cavitary BW Probe offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: The economical nature of the endo-cavitary BW (B-mode and Doppler mode) probe makes it a cost-effective diagnostic tool for veterinary practices. It provides high-quality imaging capabilities at a lower price point compared to more advanced ultrasound probes, allowing veterinarians to perform diagnostic procedures economically without compromising on image quality.

  2. Versatile Imaging: The endo-cavitary BW probe offers versatile imaging capabilities suitable for a wide range of diagnostic applications in veterinary medicine. It can be used for imaging various internal organs and structures, including the heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, and reproductive organs, facilitating comprehensive diagnostic evaluations in animals.

  3. Real-Time Visualization: The probe provides real-time visualization of anatomical structures and blood flow using B-mode and Doppler mode imaging techniques. Real-time imaging allows veterinarians to observe dynamic processes such as cardiac function, blood circulation, and fetal movement, enabling accurate diagnosis and timely interventions.

  4. Non-Invasive Examination: Endo-cavitary ultrasound examinations are non-invasive and do not require anesthesia or sedation for the animal. This minimizes patient discomfort and stress associated with invasive diagnostic procedures, making ultrasound imaging a safer and more tolerable option for animals undergoing diagnostic evaluation in veterinary practice.

  5. Portable and Compact Design: The compact and portable design of the economical endo-cavitary BW probe enhances its usability and versatility in veterinary settings. Veterinarians can easily transport the probe between examination rooms or field locations, allowing for convenient on-site diagnostic evaluations in various clinical scenarios.

  6. Guidance for Procedures: The endo-cavitary BW probe serves as a valuable guidance tool for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in veterinary medicine. It provides precise visualization of internal structures, enabling veterinarians to perform procedures such as biopsies, fluid aspiration, and catheter placements with accuracy and safety.

  7. Early Disease Detection: Ultrasound imaging with the endo-cavitary BW probe enables early detection of diseases and abnormalities in animals, often before clinical signs are apparent. Early diagnosis allows for prompt initiation of treatment, leading to better outcomes and improved prognosis for affected animals.

  8. Client Education and Communication: Ultrasound imaging with the endo-cavitary BW probe serves as an educational tool for clients, allowing veterinarians to visually demonstrate and explain medical conditions and treatment options to pet owners. It enhances client understanding and engagement in the veterinary care process, leading to better compliance with treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.


Technical Data

Operating system
Win7/Win8/Win10 computer
android phone / tablet
Central frequency
Scanning mode
Convex probe
Probe size
Display mode
B, B/B, B/M, 4B,M
Scanning depth
6 to 24 cm
Probe weight
Power consumption
Image to screen ratio
Probe port
Type-C USB
Bovine/Equine reproduction


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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