Elbow Connector

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An elbow connector is a medical device used in healthcare settings to join two sections of tubing or medical equipment at an angle, typically a 90-degree bend.

Model Number – NH-06934

Brand – Niche Healthcare


Medical grade PP material
Gas sampling port
All connectors meet ISO 5356-1 standards

An elbow connector is a medical device used in healthcare settings to join two sections of tubing or medical equipment at an angle, typically a 90-degree bend. Here’s a brief description of an elbow connector:

  1. Purpose: Elbow connectors are designed to create a right-angle connection between two sections of tubing or medical devices. This angular configuration allows for the redirection of fluids, gases, or airflow within a medical system.

  2. Design: Elbow connectors are typically cylindrical in shape with a 90-degree bend. They have openings at both ends that match the diameter of the tubing or equipment they connect. Some connectors may feature luer-lock or screw-on mechanisms for secure attachment.

  3. Clinical Applications: Elbow connectors are used in various medical scenarios, such as connecting different segments of a breathing circuit, redirecting tubing in intravenous setups, or creating comfortable angles in catheter lines. They are valuable in adapting the direction of flow while maintaining the integrity of the tubing system.

  4. Sterility: In many cases, elbow connectors are single-use and disposable to ensure adherence to infection control protocols. They are often packaged in sterile conditions to prevent contamination during clinical procedures.

  5. Versatility: These connectors come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various clinical settings and equipment requirements. Their adaptability allows healthcare providers to create customized tubing arrangements.

  6. Standard Medical Equipment: Elbow connectors are common components in medical tubing systems, intravenous lines, and respiratory circuits, serving a fundamental role in ensuring that clinical procedures are conducted efficiently and safely.

  7. Efficient Fluid or Airflow Management: By facilitating 90-degree turns in tubing systems, elbow connectors enable effective fluid or airflow redirection without compromising patient care and safety.

Elbow connectors are essential tools in healthcare, enabling the creation of angles and redirection of fluids, gases, or airflow within medical tubing systems. Their versatility and ability to customize the direction of flow make them invaluable in clinical settings.


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