Electric Delivery Hospital Bed

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Model Number: NH-98495

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Important quality control

* The bed frame is welded with high-quality steel, with a thickness of 2mm and strong bearing capacity. It can bear up to 135kg.

* High-strength plastic moulding in one step, with beautiful appearance and easy to disassemble. The split lifting design makes the parturient safer.

The double-sided embedded nurse and parturient control buttons facilitate both parties to adjust the comfort and safety of the parturient.

* Detachable PE plastic headboard, which is conform to the homey and warm concept of a delivery room.

* The surface of the bed is treated with electrostatic spraying, using imported powder that is resistant to aging, not easily rusted, and environmentally friendly with antibacterial properties.

* By utilizing automated robotic welding, the product boasts a smooth and sleek appearance, while also being robust and stable.

* The Linak DC motorized lift system is imported and features a constant speed, silent operation, zero static electricity, and safe voltage of 24 volts.

* Hidden assisted handle, snap-locking mechanism, user-friendly design for increasing safety and convenience.

* Manual multi-angle adjustment, more convenient to use.

* The backrest and leg rest can be independently raised and lowered.

* The plug-in auxiliary table is lightweight and sturdy, and can be easily installed or separated from the bed frame.

When the bed is in the “chair position”, the “auxiliary table” needs to be removed from the slot and the “leg board” opened for medical procedures such as childbirth.

When the bed is in the “lying position”, the “auxiliary table” needs to be aligned with the slot for installation and can be used as a supplement to daily care of the bed.

* In emergency rescue, increase the rescue speed.

* Side central brake system provides better stability for the delivery bed.

* High-quality and high-precision medical casters with a diameter of 15cm, featuring stable and reliable brakes.



* The backboard can be lifted up and down to assist pregnant women in sitting up and relieving the pressure during childbirth.

* The adjustable leg board can assist pregnant women in giving birth naturally by allowing for flexible adjustments to different positions, such as sitting, kneeling, lying on the stomach, and squatting.

* Manual operation.

* Automatic seat tilt function assists pregnant women in quickly adjusting their sitting position for easy delivery.


Technical Parameters

Bed size(mm)      1950±20×860±15mm

Bed height(mm)     485-900±20(Mattress not included)

Back adjustment      ≥63°

Seat up      ≥15°

Trendelenburg      ≥8°

Leg board lift stroke    190mm±20mm

Swing angle of foot board    ≥90°

Leg board up     ≥90°

Guardrail lifting     400±20

Power supply    AC220V

Input power       250VA

Package size     1900*1050*1100mm

Weight       Gross weight  318kg,  Net weight 230kg


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5 ward furniture favourites.


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