Embedding Cassettes- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-39191

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Embedding cassette is a process used to embed material powders or other bulk structures to provide performance support or chemical protection. 
Made of high density P.O.M. 
Chemical resistance, adapted to all histology solvent, no distortion. 
Biopsy type and tissue type available.
The 45° angled cassette features a large writing surface for marking 
Available in multi colours: White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue, etc


Embedding cassettes are commonly used in histology and pathology laboratories for the processing of tissue specimens. These small, rectangular containers are designed to hold and encase tissue samples in a paraffin wax block. The cassette provides support and orientation for the tissue during the embedding process, ensuring that the tissue is properly aligned for sectioning and subsequent microscopic examination. The embedding cassettes are labelled with essential information such as patient details, specimen type, and date, contributing to the organization and traceability of specimens in the laboratory. After embedding, the tissue block can be sliced into thin sections for mounting on slides and staining, allowing pathologists to examine cellular structures and diagnose various medical conditions.


Everyday laboratory medical equipment.

Everyday laboratory medical equipment.


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