Emergency Trolley (extendable worktop)

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Model Number: NH-08642

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important quality control
– Steel and aluminum structure inside, ABSand antibacterial materials outside, easy to clean.
– With handles on both sides, surface with transparent soft glass.

Technical parameters

Size (LxWxH) 750x475x950mm


Emergency trolleys, also known as crash carts or resuscitation trolleys, are essential in the NHS (National Health Service) and other healthcare settings. These trolleys are designed to store and transport vital medical equipment and medications required for emergency situations. Here are the key healthcare benefits of emergency trolleys in the NHS:

  1. Rapid Response to Emergencies:

    • Immediate Access: Emergency trolleys provide immediate access to life-saving equipment and medications, which is crucial during cardiac arrests, respiratory failures, and other medical emergencies.
    • Pre-stocked and Ready: These trolleys are pre-stocked with essential items, ensuring that healthcare providers can respond quickly without having to gather supplies during a critical situation.
  2. Improved Patient Outcomes:

    • Timely Intervention: Quick access to emergency equipment and medications allows for timely intervention, which can significantly improve patient survival rates and outcomes during emergencies.
    • Comprehensive Supplies: Emergency trolleys are equipped with a wide range of supplies, including defibrillators, airway management tools, intravenous (IV) supplies, and emergency medications, enabling comprehensive care.
  3. Enhanced Organization and Efficiency:

    • Systematic Arrangement: The trolleys are organized systematically with clearly labeled drawers and compartments, allowing healthcare providers to quickly locate and retrieve necessary items.
    • Streamlined Workflow: By having all essential emergency supplies in one place, the workflow during a resuscitation effort is streamlined, reducing the time and effort required to manage the emergency.
  4. Standardization and Consistency:

    • Uniform Layout: Standardized layout and stocking of emergency trolleys ensure consistency across different departments and facilities, making it easier for healthcare providers to know where to find specific items.
    • Protocol Adherence: Emergency trolleys support adherence to resuscitation protocols and guidelines, ensuring that the correct procedures are followed during emergencies.
  5. Training and Preparedness:

    • Simulation and Drills: Emergency trolleys are often used in training simulations and drills, helping healthcare providers practice and prepare for real-life emergency scenarios.
    • Readiness: Regular checks and maintenance of emergency trolleys ensure that they are always ready for use, contributing to overall emergency preparedness in healthcare settings.
  6. Improved Team Coordination:

    • Centralized Resource: The emergency trolley serves as a centralized resource during a resuscitation effort, improving team coordination and communication.
    • Role Assignment: With a well-stocked and organized trolley, team members can be assigned specific roles and responsibilities, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the response.
  7. Enhanced Safety and Compliance:

    • Secure Storage: Many emergency trolleys come with locking mechanisms to secure medications and controlled substances, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access them.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Properly stocked and maintained emergency trolleys help healthcare facilities comply with regulatory standards and guidelines for emergency preparedness.
  8. Mobility and Flexibility:

    • Easy Transport: Emergency trolleys are designed with wheels for easy transport, allowing them to be quickly moved to the location of the emergency, whether it is in a patient room, hallway, or another area of the facility.
    • Adaptability: They can be adapted for use in various clinical settings, including emergency departments, intensive care units, operating rooms, and general wards.
  9. Infection Control:

    • Hygienic Design: Emergency trolleys are made from materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, supporting infection control protocols and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
    • Single-Use Items: The inclusion of single-use items in the trolley helps maintain hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination during emergency interventions.

In summary, emergency trolleys are a critical component in the NHS for ensuring rapid and effective response to medical emergencies. They enhance patient outcomes by providing immediate access to essential emergency supplies, improve workflow efficiency and team coordination, support training and preparedness, ensure safety and compliance, and offer mobility and flexibility in various clinical settings. These benefits ultimately contribute to higher standards of emergency care and better overall patient safety.


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