Endotracheal Tube (Bougie)

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Model Number: NH-87599

  • Medical grade PE(PVC Free is available)
  • Blue(PE material)/Purple(PVC material)


An endotracheal tube bougie, often simply referred to as a bougie, is a flexible, slender instrument used in difficult airway management during endotracheal intubation. It’s essentially a thin, rigid tube made of materials like plastic or rubber. Medical professionals use it as a guide to direct the placement of an endotracheal tube into the trachea, particularly when the anatomy or other factors make intubation challenging.

Here’s how it works:

  • Preparation: The bougie is lubricated to facilitate smooth insertion and then inserted through the patient’s mouth, down the throat, and toward the trachea.
  • Guidance: Once the tip of the bougie reaches the trachea, it provides a path for the endotracheal tube to follow.
  • Tube Placement: After the bougie is in place, the endotracheal tube is threaded over it and guided into the trachea. The bougie is then removed, leaving the endotracheal tube securely positioned in the airway.

The bougie is especially useful in situations where direct visualization of the vocal cords is difficult, such as when dealing with patients who have limited mouth opening, distorted airway anatomy, or significant swelling. Its flexibility allows it to navigate around obstacles, making it a valuable tool for ensuring successful intubation in challenging scenarios.


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