EO Gas Sterilization Indicator Card

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Model Number: NH-8542

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

EO gas sterilization indicator cardstrips are designed to monitor all critical parameters of ethylene oxide sterilization (time, temperature, gas concentration and humidity). Place inside every pouch or pack to be sterilized. This product is designed for use in ethylene oxide sterilizers.


Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilization indicator cards are devices used in healthcare and other industries to verify that items subjected to ethylene oxide sterilization have been adequately processed. Ethylene oxide is a commonly used sterilization method for heat-sensitive medical devices and instruments. The indicator cards are designed to demonstrate whether the sterilization process has successfully reached its intended parameters.

Here are key features and information regarding EO gas sterilization indicator cards:

Principle of Operation:

EO gas sterilization indicator cards typically contain a chemical indicator that undergoes a colour change when exposed to specific conditions of ethylene oxide sterilization, such as temperature, humidity, and gas concentration.

Color Change Mechanism:

The chemical indicator on the card reacts with ethylene oxide, resulting in a visible colour change. This change is an indication that the EO gas has penetrated the packaging and reached the indicator on the card.

Integration into Packaging

EO gas indicator cards are often placed inside packaging materials or sterilization pouches along with the items to be sterilized. This allows for a direct assessment of whether the sterilization process has been effective.

Verification of Sterilization Process:

The primary purpose of these indicator cards is to provide a visual confirmation that the sterilization conditions necessary for the destruction of microorganisms have been met during the ethylene oxide sterilization cycle.

Usage in Healthcare Settings:

EO gas sterilization is commonly used for medical devices that are sensitive to heat and moisture. These include items like certain types of surgical instruments, catheters, and plastic or electronic components.

Safety and Compliance:

The use of EO gas indicator cards is an important aspect of quality control and safety assurance in healthcare facilities and other settings where ethylene oxide sterilization is employed.

Regulatory Standards:

Indicator cards for EO gas sterilization should comply with relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure their reliability and accuracy. These standards may vary depending on the region or country.


The colour change on the indicator cards serves as a visual record that the items have been subjected to a sterilization process. This information is often documented as part of quality control and regulatory compliance.


EO gas indicator cards are typically designed for single-use. Once the colour change has occurred, the card is considered spent and should not be reused.

It’s important for healthcare professionals and facility staff to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific EO gas indicator cards used and to integrate them appropriately into the sterilization process to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical instruments and devices.


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