IV Injection Training Pad With Y Shaped Tube

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Model Number: MM3989534

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Size: 110*75*15mm, weight 125g


The IV injection training pad is a versatile tool for practicing IV insertion, injection, and blood draw, featuring realistic skin texture and open vessels for needle insertion verification. Made from high-quality, non-smelly soft silicone, it mimics the feel of real skin and provides a realistic simulation of IV procedures. The pad is portable and durable, designed for repeated practice, and includes 5 Robert water stop clips to seal the hoses, ensuring a realistic and effective training experience. Ideal for medical and nursing students as well as interns. Specifications include a dermatoglyphic intravenous injection practice pad. 


An IV injection training pad with a Y-shaped tube is a training tool used by healthcare professionals and students to practice intravenous (IV) injections and catheter placements. These devices are designed to simulate human skin, veins, and the process of inserting an IV needle or catheter, helping trainees gain hands-on experience in a safe, controlled environment. Here’s an overview of such a training tool:

Components of an IV Injection Training Pad with Y-Shaped Tube

Training Pad:

  • Material: Usually made from synthetic materials like silicone or latex to mimic the texture and elasticity of human skin.
  • Surface: The pad surface simulates the look and feel of skin and may have multiple layers to represent different tissue layers.

Y-Shaped Tube:

  • Function: The Y-shaped tube mimics the veins and provides a pathway for fluid, allowing trainees to practice inserting IV needles and catheters.


One arm of the “Y” typically represents the vein into which the IV is inserted.

The other arm may be used for simulating fluid flow or connecting to a fluid reservoir.

Vein Simulation:

  • Embedded Veins: The training pad contains embedded tubes that simulate veins, providing realistic resistance and feedback when an IV needle is inserted.
  • Fluid Flow: The Y-shaped tube allows for fluid to be injected and flow through the simulated veins, enhancing the realism of the practice.

Uses and Benefits

Skill Development:

  • Insertion Technique: Trainees can practice the correct technique for inserting IV needles or catheters, including identifying the correct angle and depth.
  • Vein Location: Helps users develop the skill of locating veins by feel, which is crucial for successful IV insertion.

Error Reduction:

  • Hands-On Practice: Reduces the risk of errors in real clinical settings by allowing repeated practice.
  • Immediate Feedback: Trainees receive immediate feedback on their technique, allowing for quick correction of mistakes.

Confidence Building:

  • Realistic Experience: Simulates the experience of inserting an IV in a real patient, building confidence and reducing anxiety for trainees.
  • Repetition: Allows for repeated practice without risk to patients, which is essential for mastering the skill.


  • Non-Invasive: Provides a non-invasive method for practicing invasive procedures, ensuring patient safety.
  • Controlled Environment: Training can be conducted in a controlled environment, making it easier to focus on learning.

Training Scenarios

IV Insertion:

  • Standard IV: Practice inserting a standard IV catheter into the simulated vein.
  • Butterfly Needle: Practice using a butterfly needle, which is often used for drawing blood or administering medication.

Fluid Administration:

  • Saline Solution: Practice administering saline or other fluids through the IV, observing the flow through the Y-shaped tube.
  • Medication Delivery: Simulate the delivery of medications through the IV setup.

Blood Withdrawal:

Venepuncture: Practice venepuncture for blood withdrawal, including the proper technique for inserting the needle and drawing blood.


How To Take Care Of Sutures.

How To Take Care Of Sutures.


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