Erlenmeyer Shake Flask

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Model Number: NH-18746

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Erlenmeyer Flasks are ideal for shaker cultures applications.
Made from optically clear polycarbonate or PETG.
Available with 3 volumes of 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml
Molded-in graduations for accuracy (±5%)
Vent cap option for continuous gas exchange while ensuring sterility and preventing leakage
PC material can be autoclaved once at 121ºC and freezable to -80℃ 
Sterilized by gamma irradiation 
RNase-/DNase-free , Non-pyrogenic


An Erlenmeyer shake flask is a specialized laboratory flask designed for the cultivation and growth of microbial cultures. It combines the features of the classic Erlenmeyer flask with the added benefit of a baffled bottom, making it suitable for agitation and aeration through shaking or stirring.

Key features of the Erlenmeyer shake flask include:

Shape: Similar to a standard Erlenmeyer flask, it has a conical shape with a narrow neck, facilitating easy pouring and minimizing the risk of spills.

Baffled Bottom: The flask is equipped with a baffled or indented bottom, which promotes better mixing and oxygen transfer during shaking or stirring. This is particularly important for aerobic microbial cultures.

Material: Erlenmeyer shake flasks are typically made of borosilicate glass or other materials suitable for laboratory use.

Closure: The flask is fitted with a closure, often made of non-contaminating materials, to prevent contamination and allow for controlled gas exchange.

Volume Capacity: Erlenmeyer shake flasks come in various volume capacities to accommodate different culture sizes and experimental requirements.

Versatility: These flasks are commonly used in microbiology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research for the cultivation of bacteria, yeast, and other microbial organisms. The shaking or stirring action helps distribute nutrients and oxygen evenly, enhancing cell growth.

Scale-Up: Erlenmeyer shake flasks are often used in the early stages of fermentation processes before scaling up to larger bioreactors for industrial production.

The Erlenmeyer shake flask is a valuable tool for researchers involved in microbial cultivation, allowing for efficient mixing and aeration of cultures. It is widely employed in laboratories for the preparation of seed cultures, screening experiments, and various applications in bioprocessing and bioengineering.


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