ESR Fast Detector (20 Pcs)

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Model Number: NH-31201

Brand: Niche Healthcare

ESR Fast Detector is designed to match 9x120mm ESR tubes for testing the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR), which is a non-specific assay item.
It is safe, reliable and easy to read with clear scales
Better compatibility compared with Westergren method.
10 channels,synchronous operation allowed.


ESR is a commonly used test to detect inflammation in the body. The rate at which red blood cells settle in a tube over time is measured, and this sedimentation rate can be an indicator of inflammation. If there is a specific device or technology referred to as an “ESR Fast Detector,” it likely pertains to a tool designed to rapidly and efficiently measure ESR. Here are potential benefits associated with such a device:

  1. Quick Results: A fast ESR detector would provide rapid results, allowing healthcare professionals to obtain information quickly for diagnostic purposes. This is particularly beneficial in emergency situations or when prompt decisions are required.

  2. Improved Patient Experience: Fast detection means reduced waiting times for patients, contributing to a more efficient and positive healthcare experience.

  3. Timely Treatment: Rapid ESR detection can facilitate timely initiation of treatment for conditions associated with inflammation. Early intervention can be crucial in managing certain health conditions.

  4. High Throughput: If the device is designed for high throughput, it could be advantageous in busy healthcare settings where a large number of tests need to be processed efficiently.

  5. Automation Integration: Integration with automated laboratory systems could enhance workflow efficiency and reduce the potential for human error in the testing process.

  6. Precision and Accuracy: A fast ESR detector should maintain high levels of precision and accuracy in its measurements to ensure reliable diagnostic information.

  7. Reduced Turnaround Time: Fast ESR detection contributes to a shorter turnaround time for laboratory results, which is important for healthcare providers and patients awaiting crucial diagnostic information.

  8. Streamlined Laboratory Processes: Automated and fast ESR detection can streamline laboratory processes, allowing healthcare facilities to handle a larger volume of tests efficiently.

  9. Enhanced Monitoring of Chronic Conditions: For patients with chronic inflammatory conditions, a fast ESR detector can aid in the regular monitoring of disease activity, helping healthcare providers adjust treatment plans as needed.

  10. Cost-Efficiency: Increased efficiency in testing processes can contribute to overall cost savings for healthcare facilities.


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ESR fast detector


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