Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape

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Model number: NH-846456

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Ethylene oxide (EO) indicator tape is a type of adhesive tape used in sterilization processes where ethylene oxide gas is employed.



Ethylene oxide (EO) indicator tape is a type of adhesive tape used in sterilization processes where ethylene oxide gas is employed. Ethylene oxide is a highly effective sterilizing agent used to sterilize medical devices and instruments that may be sensitive to the high temperatures of steam autoclaving.


Here are some key features and purposes of ethylene oxide indicator tape:

Sterilization Monitoring: The primary purpose of ethylene oxide indicator tape is to monitor the sterilization process. The tape is affixed to the outside of sterilization pouches or packages containing medical instruments or devices.

Colour Change Indicator: The tape typically contains a chemical indicator that changes colour when exposed to ethylene oxide gas under proper sterilization conditions. This colour change serves as visual confirmation that the items inside the pouch have been exposed to the sterilizing agent.

Adhesive Properties: The tape is designed to adhere securely to sterilization pouches and maintain its integrity during the sterilization process. It should also be easy to remove after the process without leaving residue on the pouch.

Safety Assurance: The use of indicator tape is crucial for ensuring the safety of patients by verifying that medical instruments have undergone an effective sterilization process. It helps healthcare professionals and sterilization staff confirm that the equipment is safe for use in medical procedures.

Compliance with Standards: Indicator tapes are often manufactured in accordance with industry standards and guidelines for sterilization processes. This ensures that they provide accurate and reliable results in monitoring the efficacy of ethylene oxide sterilization.

It’s important to note that ethylene oxide is a hazardous substance, and its use in sterilization processes requires careful handling and adherence to safety regulations. Additionally, users should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the ethylene oxide indicator tape to ensure proper usage and interpretation of the colour change indicator.


Infection Control in Healthcare Environments

Infection Control in Healthcare Environments


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