Expandable Anesthesia Circuits

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Expandable Anesthesia Circuits are a crucial component of anesthesia delivery systems in medical settings. These circuits are designed to deliver anesthetic gases to patients during surgery or medical procedures while allowing the healthcare team to monitor and control the patient’s breathing.

Model Number – NH-07432

Brand – Niche Healthcare


Light weight and flexible tubing
All connectors meet ISO 5356-1 standards
100% leak inspected at production
Breathing bags are not made with natural rubber latex
Customization with options that include BV Filter, HMEF, Breathing bag, Gas sampling line, Anaesthesia mask.

An expandable anesthesia circuit is a crucial component in the administration of anesthesia during medical procedures. It is designed to deliver a controlled mixture of gases and vapors to the patient while maintaining their airway. The expandable nature of these circuits allows for flexibility in adapting to various patient needs and clinical situations.

Key components and features of expandable anaesthesia circuits include:

Breathing System Components:

Breathing Bag: The circuit typically includes a breathing bag that acts as a reservoir for gases and helps ensure a consistent supply of fresh gas to the patient during inhalation.

Patient Connection: This is the interface through which the patient inhales the anesthetic mixture and exhales carbon dioxide. It may include a Y-piece to facilitate connections to the patient’s airway.

Expandable Tubing:

Corrugated Tubing: The tubing in the anaesthesia circuit is often corrugated to allow flexibility and expansion. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to different patient positions and surgical scenarios.

Expandable Limbs: Some circuits feature expandable limbs that can be lengthened or shortened based on the patient’s needs. This is particularly useful in scenarios where the patient needs to be moved or repositioned during surgery.

Filtration and Absorption:

Filters: Anaesthesia circuits often include filters to remove particles and impurities from the gases being delivered to the patient.

CO2 Absorber: A carbon dioxide (CO2) absorber is commonly integrated into the circuit to remove exhaled carbon dioxide from the patient’s breath.

Pressure Relief Mechanisms:

Pop-off Valve: To prevent excessive pressure build-up in the breathing system, a pop-off valve is included. This valve allows excess gases to be released into the scavenging system or the operating room environment.

Pressure Limiting Devices: These devices ensure that the pressure within the breathing system does not exceed safe levels.

Scavenging System:

Scavenger Interface: Anaesthesia circuits may have a connection for a scavenging system, which helps to safely remove excess gases and vapours from the operating room to maintain a safe environment for healthcare providers.

Monitoring Connections:

Monitoring Ports: These ports allow for the connection of monitoring devices to assess the patient’s vital signs, such as end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2), oxygen concentration, and airway pressure.

Heat and Moisture Exchange:

HME Filters: Some circuits include heat and moisture exchange filters to maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels in the inspired gases.

It’s important to note that the specific features of expandable anaesthesia circuits may vary among different manufacturers and models. Healthcare professionals should be trained on the specific equipment they use and follow guidelines for safe anaesthesia administration.


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