Extension Tube with T Connector

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Model Number: NH-956578

Brand: Niche Healthcare

An Extension Tube with T-Connector is a medical device designed for intravenous (IV) therapy, allowing healthcare professionals to extend and modify the flow of fluids and medications to a patient. The device consists of a flexible tube with a T-shaped connector at one


Extension Tube with T Connector

. Here’s an overview of its typical use and components:

Extension Tube: The extension tube is a flexible tube usually made of medical-grade plastic or silicone. It is used to extend the reach of medical devices or fluids, allowing for easier access or manipulation during medical procedures. Extension tubes come in various lengths to accommodate different needs.

T-Connector: The T-connector is a component shaped like the letter “T” and is typically made of plastic or metal. It has three openings: one at the top of the T and one at each end of the horizontal bar. The T-connector allows for the connection of multiple medical devices or tubes, creating a branching pathway for fluids or air.



Intravenous (IV) Therapy: Extension tubes with T-connectors are commonly used in IV therapy to connect multiple IV lines, allowing for the administration of different fluids or medications simultaneously.

Respiratory Therapy: In respiratory care, extension tubes with T-connectors may be used to connect various components of ventilator circuits or oxygen delivery systems.

Urinary Catheterization: In urinary catheterization procedures, extension tubes with T-connectors can be used to connect drainage bags or other urinary catheter accessories.

Sterilization and Care: Extension tubes with T-connectors must be properly sterilized before use to prevent infection or contamination. They are typically disposable or single-use devices to maintain hygiene standards. After use, they are disposed of according to medical waste disposal protocols.

Overall, extension tubes with T-connectors play a crucial role in various medical procedures, facilitating the safe and effective delivery of fluids, medications, and gases in clinical settings.


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Laboratory Medical Equipment.


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