Filtration Apparatus-Solvent filtration

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Model Number: NH-33598

Brand: Niche Healthcare

It is made of high-quality extra hard glass which is sparking and crystal-clear, This apparatus is leakproof with a standard sizes meets International standard. It can be used for sterilization at high temperature and high pressure.


A filtration apparatus is a setup of various components used for separating solids from liquids or gases through the process of filtration. Filtration is a common technique in laboratories and various industries for purifying, clarifying, or concentrating substances by passing them through a filter medium. The filtration apparatus may vary in design and components based on the specific requirements of the filtration process.

Here are the basic components often found in a filtration apparatus:

Filter Flask: The filter flask, also known as a vacuum flask or Buchner flask, is a vessel that holds the liquid to be filtered. It has a sidearm to which a vacuum source can be attached. This flask is typically made of glass and may have a flat or conical bottom.

Filter Funnel: The filter funnel is placed in the neck of the filter flask and supports the filter paper or membrane. It allows the liquid to pass through the filter medium while retaining the solid particles.

Filter Medium: The filter medium can be filter paper, filter membranes, or other porous materials depending on the nature of the particles to be separated. It is chosen based on the size of particles to be retained.

Vacuum Source: A vacuum pump or aspirator is connected to the sidearm of the filter flask. The vacuum helps in speeding up the filtration process by applying negative pressure, pulling the liquid through the filter medium.

Rubber Stopper or Adapter: A rubber stopper or adapter is used to connect the filter flask to the vacuum source securely. It ensures an airtight connection, allowing efficient vacuum filtration.

Clamps and Support Stands: Clamps and support stands are used to hold the filter flask and funnel in place during filtration. This setup provides stability and prevents accidental tipping.

Collection Flask: In some setups, a collection flask may be placed under the filter apparatus to collect the filtrate. This is especially common when using a Buchner funnel.

Water Aspirator or Vacuum Pump (Optional): Depending on the scale and application, either a water aspirator or a vacuum pump may be used as the vacuum source. Water aspirators use water flow to create a vacuum, while vacuum pumps generate a vacuum electronically.

The filtration apparatus is chosen based on the specific requirements of the filtration process, such as the type of sample, the volume of liquid, and the size of particles to be separated. Vacuum filtration is particularly useful when dealing with large volumes of liquid or when a rapid filtration process is desired.


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