Fire & Water Resistant 10.5 Tog Duvet

£135.40 ( £162.48 Inc. VAT )

  • Premium Polyurethane Coated Outer Cover
  • 100% Polyester FR treated Hollowfibre Filling
  • Anti-Allergenic
  • Highly Durable
  • Soft feel, Low Noise 
  • Wipe Clean only


Fire Safety In Healthcare Settings & Premises

The references to “high risk” or “high hazard” refer to furniture and furnishings used in accommodation for the following groups:
the elderly;
people with learning difficulties;
young people with disabilities;
medium secure and secure premises for people with mental health problems

BS 7175 describes methods of test for the ignitability of bed covers and pillows, individually and in combination, when subjected to smouldering and flaming types of ignition sources of different severities. It is divided into five sections as follows:

1. general application;
2. pillows and continental quilts tested with
smouldering and flaming ignition sources;
3. individual bedcovers (including mattress
covers, sheets, pillowslips, blankets, bedspreads
and continental quilt covers) tested with
smouldering and flaming ignition sources;
4. composites of known bed covers and pillows
tested with smouldering and flaming ignition
5. final examination of test specimens and test

Burning Of Textiles

Inherently flame-retardant fibres in which the properties are a feature of the fibre structure;
flame-retardant-treated fibres which contain a flame-retardant which is added at the fibre extrusion or fabric finishing stage.



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