Flashback Needle (Yellow, Green & Black)

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Model Number: NH-32001

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Flashback needle is a multi-sample needle that provides instant confirmation of needle placement, through a unique visual flashback indication.
The Flashback needle avoids the need to probe for a vein, as well as the potential of multiple sticks of the same patient in cases where the vein is hard to find.  
The needle has a transparent plastic hub, which functions as a view window.
Latex free, EO sterile, non toxic, non pyrogenic, polypropylene hubs are coluor marked.


A flashback needle is a type of medical needle that is designed to provide a visual indication (flashback of blood) when it successfully enters a blood vessel during a medical procedure, such as venipuncture or intravenous (IV) catheter insertion. Here are some benefits associated with the use of flashback needles in a healthcare environment:

  1. Accurate Vessel Entry Confirmation: The primary benefit of flashback needles is that they provide a visual confirmation when the needle tip enters a blood vessel. The flashback of blood into the needle’s chamber indicates successful venipuncture, ensuring that the healthcare professional has accessed the vein.

  2. Reduced Multiple Insertions: The visual feedback from flashback needles helps healthcare providers avoid multiple attempts to access a vein, reducing patient discomfort and the risk of complications associated with repeated needle insertions.

  3. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Quick and accurate vein access contributes to a more comfortable experience for patients, as it minimizes the time and number of needle insertions required for successful venipuncture.

  4. Time Efficiency: Flashback needles can contribute to time efficiency in medical procedures by providing immediate feedback on successful vein entry. This is particularly important in emergency situations or when quick access to a patient’s bloodstream is crucial.

  5. Improved First-Time Success Rates: The visual confirmation of blood flashback increases the likelihood of successful venipuncture on the first attempt, improving overall success rates and reducing the need for additional interventions.

  6. Reduced Risk of Complications: Minimizing the number of attempts to access a vein can help reduce the risk of complications such as hematoma formation, nerve injury, or tissue damage associated with repeated needle insertions.

  7. Enhanced Training Opportunities: Flashback needles can be valuable in medical training settings, allowing healthcare professionals to visually demonstrate and learn the proper technique for successful vein access.

  8. Suitable for Challenging Patients: For patients with difficult-to-access veins, such as pediatric or elderly patients, using a flashback needle can be particularly advantageous in improving the chances of successful venipuncture.

  9. Decreased Stress for Healthcare Providers: The visual feedback from flashback needles can reduce the stress and uncertainty for healthcare providers, especially those who may be less experienced in venipuncture procedures.

  10. Compatibility with Various Procedures: Flashback needles are versatile and can be used for various medical procedures requiring venous access, including blood draws, IV catheter insertions, and other intravenous interventions.

While flashback needles offer these benefits, it’s important for healthcare professionals to follow proper procedures and guidelines for venipuncture to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. Additionally, advancements in medical technology may introduce new features or improvements to flashback needle designs over time.


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