Flushable wipes Used for Skin Cleansing

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Model Number: NH-00200

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Flushable wipes are used for skin cleansing and moisturizing.
Dispersible and biodegrable, can break down and flush into toilet and drains.
Enriched with aloe vera, alcohol and latex free, hypoallergenic.


While flushable wipes may offer convenience in personal hygiene, it’s important to note that there are concerns regarding their impact on wastewater systems and the environment. In recent years, there has been increasing evidence that so-called “flushable” wipes do not break down as easily as claimed, leading to blockages in sewage systems and potential environmental issues. However, I’ll provide an overview of the potential healthcare benefits that are often associated with flushable wipes:

  1. Personal Hygiene: Flushable wipes can be used for personal hygiene, particularly in situations where access to traditional cleansing methods (such as bidets or shower facilities) may be limited. They are often advertised as providing a more thorough cleaning experience compared to dry toilet paper.

  2. Skin Care: Some flushable wipes are formulated with ingredients designed to soothe or moisturize the skin. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those who are prone to irritation.

  3. Incontinence Care: In healthcare settings, flushable wipes may be used as part of incontinence care for patients. They can help maintain cleanliness and provide a more comfortable experience for individuals who may have difficulty using traditional methods.

  4. Convenience: Flushable wipes are often considered convenient for on-the-go use or in situations where access to traditional cleaning methods is limited. This can be especially relevant in healthcare settings where patients may have mobility or accessibility challenges.

However, it’s crucial to consider the following drawbacks and potential issues associated with flushable wipes:

  1. Wastewater System Impact: Despite being labeled as “flushable,” many wipes do not disintegrate easily and can contribute to blockages in sewage systems. This can lead to increased maintenance costs for wastewater treatment facilities.

  2. Environmental Concerns: The environmental impact of flushable wipes is a significant concern. They can contribute to pollution, harm aquatic ecosystems, and pose challenges for water treatment facilities.

  3. Mislabeling: There have been instances of mislabeling, with some wipes marketed as “flushable” causing problems in sewage systems. Standards for flushability can vary, and not all wipes labeled as such break down effectively.

Given these concerns, healthcare providers, including those in the NHS, may need to weigh the potential benefits of flushable wipes against their environmental impact and potential risks to wastewater systems. In some cases, alternative hygiene methods or products with less environmental impact may be considered. It’s essential to stay informed about evolving guidelines and recommendations related to flushable wipes in healthcare settings.

Cat No.
Flushable wipes, 24 cloths, 8″x12″
PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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