Foetal Monitoring Belt

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Model number: NH-87462

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Foetal Monitoring Belt is made of polyester and spandex. The belt is button-hole style and has two colours. There is one pink and one blue belt in each package. Foetal Monitoring Belts are soft and high-elastic, and can be stretched easily. It is used to fix foetal heart rate monitor on the belly of pregnant women.


Foetal monitoring belts are devices used in obstetrics to monitor the heart rate of a foetus during pregnancy and labour. The monitoring is typically done through a process called cardiotocography (CTG) or electronic foetal monitoring (EFM). The primary goal is to assess the well-being of the foetus by monitoring its heart rate and the uterine contractions of the mother.

Here’s how a foetal monitoring belt system generally works:

Transducers: The monitoring belt usually consists of two transducers—one to measure the foetal heart rate and another to measure uterine contractions.

Foetal Heart Rate Monitoring: The transducer for foetal heart rate is often an ultrasound device placed on the mother’s abdomen. It emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce off the foetal heart, creating a Doppler effect. The reflected waves are then translated into an audible heartbeat and a visual representation on a monitor.

Uterine Contraction Monitoring: The transducer for uterine contractions is usually a pressure-sensitive device. It is placed on the mother’s abdomen to detect changes in pressure associated with uterine contractions.

Data Display: The information collected by the transducers is displayed on a monitor, allowing healthcare professionals to observe the foetal heart rate patterns and uterine contractions in real time.

Foetal monitoring is crucial during labour to detect any signs of foetal distress and to ensure that the baby is receiving adequate oxygen. Abnormal patterns in foetal heart rate or uterine contractions may indicate potential issues that require medical intervention.

It’s important to note that foetal monitoring belts are typically used in hospital settings, especially during labour. Continuous monitoring may be recommended in certain high-risk pregnancies or during labour inductions. Portable, home-based foetal monitoring devices also exist, but their use and effectiveness can vary, and they are generally not a substitute for professional medical monitoring.

As with any medical device, the interpretation of the data and decisions regarding care should be made by qualified healthcare professionals. If you have questions or concerns about foetal monitoring, it’s best to discuss them with your healthcare provider.


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