Gas Sampling Line with Filter

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Model Number: NH-747954

Brand: Niche Healthcare

A gas sampling line with a filter is a medical tubing system used in healthcare settings to collect and transport gas samples from a patient’s respiratory system to various monitoring and analysis equipment while also filtering the sampled gases.


Made of medical grade ABS and PVC material
0.2 micron filter
Prevents waste of anaesthetic gases and accurately measures CO2 level
Each connector is designed to meet the ISO standard for connections and ensures a secure fit.
Available with Male/Male or Male/Female lure lock connections


A gas sampling line with a filter is a component used in various applications to collect gas samples while ensuring that the sample remains free from contaminants or particulates that could interfere with analysis or instrumentation. Here’s a breakdown of its components and functions:

Sampling Line: This is typically a tube or hose that connects the source of the gas to the sampling apparatus or instrument. It transports the gas from the sampling point to the analysis point.

Filter: The filter is integrated into the sampling line and is designed to remove particulates, moisture, or other contaminants from the gas stream. Filters can come in various forms depending on the application. For example, they may use materials like activated charcoal, silica gel, or membranes to trap particles or absorb moisture.

Functionality: The primary function of the filter is to ensure that the gas sample collected is clean and representative of the gas stream being analyzed. By removing impurities, the filter helps prevent contamination of sensitive instruments and ensures accurate analysis results.

Applications: Gas sampling lines with filters are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial process control, medical diagnostics, and research laboratories. They are crucial in situations where the composition of the gas sample must be accurately measured, and any contamination could lead to erroneous results or damage to equipment.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the sampling line and filter is essential to ensure reliable performance. This may include replacing the filter periodically, cleaning or replacing the sampling line as needed, and verifying that connections are secure to prevent leaks or contamination.

Design considerations: When selecting a gas sampling line with a filter, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of gas being sampled, flow rates, pressure levels, temperature conditions, and compatibility with the analysis equipment. Additionally, the filter’s pore size and efficiency should be chosen based on the specific contaminants that need to be removed from the gas stream.

Overall, gas sampling lines with filters play a critical role in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of gas analysis processes across various industries.

Laboratory Medical Equipment.

Laboratory Medical Equipment.


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