Gel Cushion Positioning Pads

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Model Number: NH-78683


Gel Cushion Positioning Pads
10*4*2 CM
Supplying stable and comfort positioning
Dispersion of pressure, avoiding bedsore
Reducing operation time
Easy clean out. X-ray through
Good Bio-compatibility with human tissues
Polymer gel


Surgical Positioning Pads Features:

1) The pads adopt ergonomic design, with various specifications. It can provide stable and comfortable positioning for patients; best surgical field for the surgeon, maximum shorten the surgery time.

2) The positioning pads are made of polymer gel or silicon material. Good softness, shock resistance, maximum distribute the pressure, avoid bedsores and nerve pressing damage.

3) The positioning pads are X-Ray translucent, waterproof, insulated non-conductive. Materials do not contain latex and

plasticizer, anti-bacteria, non-allergenic.

4) The positioning pads tolerance temperature is from -18ºC to +55ºC. Easy to clean.


Positioning pads play a crucial role in ensuring patient safety, comfort, and proper alignment during surgery. Here are some of the key benefits of using positioning pads:

  • Pressure Redistribution: Positioning pads help distribute the patient’s weight evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas of the body. This helps prevent pressure ulcers or nerve damage, particularly during long surgical procedures where the patient may be in the same position for an extended period.
  • Maintaining Proper Alignment: Positioning pads are used to support the patient’s body in the desired position, helping maintain proper alignment of the spine, limbs, and joints. This is essential for ensuring surgical access to the targeted area and minimizing the risk of strain or injury to the patient’s muscles and nerves.
  • Enhanced Surgical Exposure: By providing stable and comfortable support, positioning pads help optimize surgical exposure by keeping the patient’s body in the optimal position for the procedure. This allows the surgical team to work more efficiently and accurately, reducing the risk of complications and improving outcomes.
  • Prevention of Injuries: Proper positioning with pads helps prevent injuries such as nerve compression, muscle strain, or joint dislocation during surgery. By supporting the patient’s body in a secure and stable manner, positioning pads minimize the risk of accidental movement or trauma during surgical manipulation.
  • Patient Comfort and Compliance: Positioning pads enhance patient comfort by providing cushioning and support, which is particularly important for patients undergoing lengthy surgeries or those with underlying medical conditions. Comfortable positioning also encourages patient compliance with anaesthesia and reduces the likelihood of involuntary movements that could interfere with the surgical procedure.
  • Facilitation of Anaesthesia Management: Positioning pads assist anaesthesiologists in managing the patient’s airway, breathing, and circulation during surgery. By ensuring proper positioning of the head and neck, positioning pads help maintain clear airway access and facilitate the delivery of anaesthesia gases and medications.

Overall, positioning pads are essential tools in the perioperative setting, contributing to patient safety, surgical precision, and optimal outcomes. Their use is carefully tailored to each patient’s anatomy, surgical requirements, and specific positioning needs to ensure a successful surgical experience.


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