Gel Neck & Shoulder Wrap

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Brand: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: NH-83550


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Cold Therapy- Used for instant pain relief and treatment for injuries 

  1. Provides relief for aches & pains by reducing inflammation of affected muscles
  2. Helps to reduce swelling & bruising through blood flow reduction
  3. Provides numbing sensation for injured area for pain reduction


  1. Provides 1 degree of cold therapy when stored and activated at room temperature
  2. Simple activation- fold in half to pop & activate 

Heat Therapy- Used for continuous aches and pains 

  1. Aids speedy recovery by healing damaged tissues 
  2. Provides comfort and relief by soothing stiff joints & improving flexibility/mobility
  3. Reduces aches of muscles & provides comfort where sore 


  1. Reaches up to 49 degrees of heat when stored and activated at room temperature 

Flexible design, even when frozen

Soft fabric allows direct sin application

Designed specifically for use on neck & shoulders

16″ x 13.3″ (40.6cm x 33.8cm)  


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