Glass Bottom Plates- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-95124

Brand: Niche Healthcare

High clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene
High quality cover glass of standard thichness 0.16-0.19mm
DNase/RNase and Human DNA Free, Non-pyrogenic
Round cover glass insert for good appearance 
Medical adhesive glue to guarantee non-cytotoxicity


Glass bottom plates are specialized laboratory plates designed with a transparent glass bottom to facilitate imaging, particularly in microscopy applications. These plates provide a clear optical path, allowing researchers to visualize and capture high-resolution images of cells or samples adhered to the glass surface.

Key features of glass bottom plates include:

Transparent Glass: The plates are constructed with a transparent glass bottom that enables optimal light transmission, making them suitable for various imaging techniques, including fluorescence microscopy.

High Optical Quality: Glass bottom plates are manufactured to high optical standards, minimizing distortion and ensuring a clear view of specimens for detailed imaging.

Sterilization: Many glass bottom plates are designed to withstand sterilization methods, making them suitable for cell culture and other sterile laboratory applications.

Compatibility: These plates are compatible with standard laboratory equipment, such as multi-well plate readers and automated imaging systems.

Versatility: Glass bottom plates are versatile tools used in various applications, including live-cell imaging, high-content screening, and fluorescence assays.

Microscope Integration: The transparent glass allows researchers to place the plates directly onto the microscope stage, facilitating easy integration with different microscope systems.

Different Formats: Glass bottom plates are available in various formats, including multi-well plates, making them suitable for high-throughput screening and experiments involving multiple samples.

Glass bottom plates are instrumental in research settings where visualizing and analysing cells or samples at a microscopic level is essential. They provide a stable and optically clear platform for a range of applications, contributing to the advancement of scientific studies in cell biology, drug discovery, and other fields.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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