Hydrophilic Nitinol Core Guidewire

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Model Number: NH-92081

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Used with endoscopes to guide other instruments into the digestive system, urinary system, or airway.
Core material: Nitinol/Pebax
Tip shape: straight tip
External diameter: 0.032”/0.035”
Available in two colour spiral patterns in blue-white or yellow-black


Guide wires are commonly used in various medical procedures, and their benefits can depend on the specific context and application. In the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, guide wires are utilized in different medical specialties for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Here are some general healthcare benefits associated with the use of guide wires:

  1. Navigation and Access: Guide wires are often used to navigate through blood vessels, ureters, and other anatomical structures. They help guide catheters and other medical devices to the target area, providing access to specific sites within the body.

  2. Minimally Invasive Procedures: Guide wires play a crucial role in minimally invasive procedures such as angiography, angioplasty, and endovascular interventions. These procedures can be performed through small incisions or natural body openings, reducing the need for traditional surgery and promoting quicker recovery times.

  3. Enhanced Precision: The use of guide wires allows healthcare professionals to navigate through complex anatomical structures with increased precision. This is particularly important in procedures where accuracy is critical, such as in cardiac catheterization or vascular interventions.

  4. Device Placement: Guide wires are often used to facilitate the placement of various medical devices, including catheters, stents, and dilators. They serve as a pathway for these devices to reach the target location within the body.

  5. Diagnostic Imaging: In diagnostic procedures like angiography, guide wires help guide contrast agents to specific blood vessels, enabling healthcare professionals to visualize the vascular system and identify abnormalities or blockages.

  6. Support During Procedures: Guide wires provide support and stability during certain medical procedures. For example, in endoscopic procedures, they may help guide the endoscope and provide a pathway for other instruments.

It’s important to note that the benefits of guide wires are highly dependent on the specific procedure and medical condition. The decision to use a guide wire is typically based on the individual patient’s needs, the nature of the medical intervention, and the preferences and expertise of the healthcare professionals involved.



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