Gynecology Equipment, Childbirth Skill Training Simulator

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-21309

An anatomically correct pelvic model with foetus and placenta to give students experience with multiple technique and procedure for emergency childbirth.


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Subject: Medical Science
Type: Manikin
Product name: Childbirth Skill Training Simulator
What is a birthing simulator?

A birthing simulator (often called a labour or childbirth simulator) is a piece of equipment that imitates a woman going through labour and childbirth.

It is used to help medical students, emergency responders and first aiders learn how to help deliver a baby safely, all while keeping the mother comfortable.

They can vary in complexity. Some of the most basic models consist of two or three components. The more complex, high-fidelity models are the closest thing you will get to assisting a real woman in the various stages of labour.

As well as helping first-aiders and medical students help prepare for standard-birth scenarios, birthing simulators can train them to know what to do in high-risk situations. For example, if there is a placenta abnormality, a forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery is needed, or the mother suffers a potentially fatal haemorrhage. Blood clots, moulages and simulated blood and amniotic fluid can be used for extra authenticity and to immerse the student in the training.

A birthing simulator allows first-aiders and medical students to make critical decisions in quick time. This helps make childbirth smoother and reduces the risk of injury and clinical error.

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